Monday, June 3, 2013

Elizabeth E. Castillo, poetess in many anthologies, creative, generous and dedicated.

Elizabeth E. Castillo


2. Country : Philippines

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo 
poetry book "Seasons of Emotions"
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3. Short Bio :

Elizabeth E. Castillo is a professional feature writer/journalist/blogger/international poet/online English Instructor from the Philippines in Asia. She has exhibited her writing and poetic inclinations early on during her elementary days when she was once this shy, unassuming lass. She didn't give up on her dreams of becoming a writer since she believes in her heart that her mission here on Earth is to contribute and touch lives through pen pushing. Her articles and poems have appeared in international online magazines. She was featured in more than 25 international poetry anthologies in the USA, UK, Canada, Africa and India and currently working on upcoming anthologies. Her works also appeared in international online magazines and recently one of her collaborative poetry was translated in Bengali for “Karok”, a Bengali Journal. She is also currently a Contributing Editor for Inner Child the Magazine, USA and a Columnist for Winning Strategies Magazine, Mexico City. She has published her first international poetry book “Seasons of Emotions” last January 7, 2013 and is currently working on her second book, “Inner Reflections of The Muse”, a collection of prose, poetry and quotes to be released also this 2013.

 Why I Have Submitted: I am integrating charity projects with my work lately and helping abused and poor children is one of my advocacies as well as those who have suffered from some tragedies and also cancer patients. I just felt that one will feel true fulfillment in helping others by sharing their talents and contributing even in his own little ways. Even though I am from Asia and the USA is far from me, I believe there need not be barriers as long as one really wants to make a difference.

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