Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The PRESENCE-The Present and United We Stand, testimonies of faith healing - Anne LaMonte

Anne is almost 81 and has had many setbacks including since Mother’s Day 2012 when she suffered a heart attack and had stints put in. She’s had so many comebacks after health problems such as cancer, strokes, and a potential bleed out that those close to her expected her miracles healings  to continue.  However, Anne has been having trouble learning to walk and transfer herself from a bed to a wheelchair, so she faces permanent care in a nursing home.
Have the Divine Interventions stopped?  Her current situation reminds me of Lazarus, the guy Jesus brought back to life.  Lazarus eventually died; Jesus Christ’s miracle of awakening that man from the dead served a purpose but all mortals eventually die in the flesh.  It’s inevitable.

Before Anne goes she’d want to tell you a few things.  This blog will serve as her voice.

When speaking about faith and survival, so many people respond, “I just DONOT believe!”  Or, “I certainly DONOT want to hear your testimony!”  They may even jest about Bible thumping or ask for proof before accepting a religious belief- especially “a certainty in the afterlife.” Trust me, having faith helped me survive so many things; in some ways, that is enough in my life.  Except, I do expect more, “in the eternity,” after I die and go to Heaven.  Even if I am wrong, my viewpoint gave me the will to go forward especially through the roughest times.  Plus, unlike some people, I never felt alone in the tragedies or good moments.  A comforting, positive, healing “presence” guided me.
The good sisters of Notre Dame told their students, including me, all about our guardian angels and the Holy Spirit.  These spiritual beings are ALWAYS WITH US especially WHEN WE NEED THEM THE MOST!   By that, I mean that they are ever-present but make themselves better known when their human counterpart needs comforting or aid.  Ever since learning about this special relationship, when I sense that someone stands nearby but no humans are present, when I feel a “PRESENCE”  of some sort (God) especially during a traumatic situation- my soul reminds me that my guardian angel as well as our Maker remains within reach helping me keep from stumbling on the current rough patch in my life’s path.  This Being guides my soul.  This idea comforts me, and I wonder why everyone cannot accept such a spiritual blessing as never feeling lonely or alone in their turmoil. 
Feeling this warmth and love many times, knowing my body experienced spontaneous healings on many occasions as well, I believe in a supreme plan and an unseen force, God, available to direct us on this path of life.  The ultimate designer of things in this world is always available to pick the spirit up and calm the soul down. After you finish my life account, you can decide for yourself. 
Regardless of your opinion, it is comforting to possess my outlook.  When I find myself in times of trouble, seeking words of wisdom, my spirit relies on the spiritual leader that speaks to my soul while guiding my flesh!  The comforter, the Holy Spirit, His angels, and the mercy of God push me through and past the ordeal.  No one knows for sure what lies ahead or after this world’s life but my gut feels that my destiny is Heaven. 

The storyteller
Elizabeth Anne Powalisz
AKA- birth name- Anne LaMonte

An excerpt from her book and testimony was donated to United We Stand charitable anthology; it’s about faith healing!

You can find the full story in Anne’s book entitled The PRESENCE-The Presents.  The book and eBook version are available at AMAZON and KINDLE as well as SMASHWORDS and its affiliates KOBO, Sony, Barnes & Noble, etc.

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