Monday, November 26, 2012

Thank You Quarterly Update 11/26/12

Hello everyone, How is everyone? Well Thanksgiving is over, and our stomachs are full and our hearts warmer, so we head into the Holidays and there is so much to explore, learn and talk about. From the joy to the sorrow. There is another Authors Auction plan for a very ill baby to raise funds to be donate to the grieving family for baby Easton, he does not have much time to live and he is dying. His family has been struggling with the over welling medical bills and needs assistance. So I will leave link below.If authors and others like to donate items to help this worthy charity, you can contact Author Dawn White, author of Wingless and Damned. Read the book, excellent novella

I can not believe it is the end of November 2012 and December 1st is around the corner. I just want to express my gratitude to all the inspiring authors and individuals I met through the Indie Community this year and that you are all shining lights of inspiration. I would like to thanked the readers and others who support the artists and buy their products. Remember it is Cyber Monday, so shop local and help one another if you can.

I want to thank all the five authors, from Karli Rush, Mina Moore, Laura Martiniez, Michelle Ann Hollstein/Michelle Matkins, Jennifer Cowsert for writing an worthy anthology and decide to donate the proceed to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. It is on Amazon, Careful For What You Wish For, anthology.  Karli, Mina and Michelle have been busy and creating more entertaining stories and they too are available on  Thank you to Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson, author of Love and Liberty and other books, an excellent blogger and she sponsored us. Thank you to Coral Russell and Stephen Hise, they are also awesome authors, Goggle their names, Coral, Amador Lockdown and Stephen Hise,  UpGrade and others who support this anthology and other projects.

The Storm Sandy American Red Cross Awareness promotion and the Authors Auction.

Congratulations to Laura Martinez of Laura's Editing Nook on her new ventures.

This above link above has all six authors, so click and donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and investigate the authors, you may find a gem.

And there are so many more, I just realized I should write on a more regular schedule to thank you who support the community.

On a final note, I was surfing around the community and found a debate that pique my curiosity about national Writing Novel Month, a 30 day writing promotion held every November by an organization that believes there is a writer in all of us and raises donations to encourage young writers. This platform gives an amateur to an expert writer an opportunity to create a 50,000 words novella and when complete, entered into their database and be declared a winner and they received a pretty certificate to be posted and bragged over. Nah, just a accomplishment to show everyone yes I entered and yes I finished.

Over time the unfinished book can be extend into a novel, with beta readers, editors and cover designers. It is a starting apex and it is encouraging, supportive and challenging and the  community are all generous and compassionate and is it a social interaction that promotes goodwill. So the ones who accept the challenge to write the 1667 words a day or go on a binge, to reach the goal of 50,000 words in the 30 days, kudos to you.  You may started your story  as a draft and then plan to polish it and have a professional to edit it and publish. Or it may sit on your computer but that  day when you reached the goal you will have a finished novella/ book and be able to say "Hey I live my dream, I wrote a book, and have no regrets." Dare to Dream and write. Practice is good for the mind, heart and soul. You will be amaze what creativity comes from your muse. Celebration the Holidays and the Arts.

THANK YOU <3 p="p">

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