Friday, December 7, 2012

First book of Niberia -The Chronicles Series by Michelle Ann Hollstein

Niberia- The Chronicles by Michelle Ann Hollstein is FREE this WEEKEND 7th-9th, of December 2012.

As a reader I check out her books and observed she writes about different topics and is experience in different genres of writing. Her Aggie Underhill sleuth mysteries are hilarious and a comfort to read. Her supernatural are spooky and exciting. So when I was half way through a sci-fiction mystery, in the twilight of restless zone could not sleep and needed  a distraction to not fight the restless feeling.   I went back to the beginning of the story and observed Niberia was written by a familiar author. I was surprised to discover the author was Ms. Hollstein, now she has written in three different genres and they were all delightful in their own style. 

This tale was an enjoyable tale of a woman with a young son who is in a shrink's office telling a strange tale of abnormal dreams of another planet and her adventures and the people she met as she is pulled into a wicked and scary tale. It is supernatural, paranormal and science fiction about a planet Niberia and the light and dark relationship she has with her older sister, who is evil and wants to rule the kingdom with a strict hand. And take prison the planet earth and have her slaves mined it for the valuable resources. The sisters are like night and day, one is good and the other is evil.

Every 3600 years the two planets revolved closed enough for the evil sister to accomplish her mission of ruling both planets. Except her sister Ki is not as thirsty for power and she is kind hearted. She does not like the way her sister rules the home planet or to have slaves indented to her services.  Now 3600 years later through a portal the sister Rachael, formerly Ki is a recantation and she is back to solved many mysteries and conflicts.

She needs to find closure of the death of her parents, the missing lover and other events of action and more. The author adds in supernatural creatures, elements and adventures that caused this reader to gasp. From the fairies to the trapped souls in the algae lake to the underground mazes of hidden dangers and other unsuspecting adventures and hints of romance. All with descriptive details for a reader to be entertain and compelled to find out what happens next.

The author added more suspense as she added in the trips back and forth from the blue planet to Niberia and the kidnapping of the main character, by masked men who have their own agenda. She lives with the threats of her lover being executed by a strange death, or the sister's devious plan of competition to take him from Rachael. Through blackmail or threat of death to him or her son and other scary events.  And her sister is cruel and caused Rachael, much emotional pain and at the conclusion may have received her karma for hurting others. 

This reader was lured in a story, became tired, and the plot was so enthralling, to be a treat for two nights.  It became a natural sleeping aid and an up lifting distraction.  This reader enjoyed another remarkable story by a very talented author. Highly recommend all three series of this author. She has an intrinsic humour in her writing, which warms the mind and entertains readers of all ages.

In the author’s words; “A journey where she learns of her past ties with her seductively beautiful evil sister, Nammu, the ruler of Planet Niberia and how she arrived on Earth 3,600 years ago along with many other Niberians. A journey where the flames are reignited as Rachel is reunited with her love of many, many past lives ago.”

Looking for a delightful distraction from the stress of the holidays, go check out this author. She has a unique talent to write for all readers in three genres, sci-fiction, supernatural and hilarious. 

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