Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Super D' and his Sister's Christmas Wish 

This link, is a vital one, it is a promotion and a request for donations created as an event by an Indie Author, Faellin Angel. I saw this and my soul was weary, the flame of my soul was dying as my health progresses downhill. I was about to close shop, not post to the Facebook wall of Message to my Children and say farewell friends and all. My mind and strength is getting weaker and I sometimes do not know what day it is. Like today, but I do know there is a hard working mother with two children strapped for the holidays and she is working hard to raise funds for them to enjoy the special day. One son who is autistic, I believe six years and she has a precious daughter of seven. She is not pan handing, she is selling her excellent books and items to raise funds for her children to have a wonderful holiday.

I as a reader and promoter saw this author promoting her son's book and took a peek to see what the book was about and found her blog. I discover she is an awesome writer, blogger and an excellent mother. Who is struggling through these difficult financial times.

I wish I had the funds to complete this transaction and help her and her children this holiday season. But at last I do not. I am trying to figure out something tho, like a discount for the merchandise, or match the funds for her genius idea of an event. To some this is over the top to ask for funds like this. Yet I know this author has been asking for editing jobs and other promotions so she is not a slacker.

So please if ten people give ten dollars that is a hundred, if twenty that is the $200.00 she needs. This gift may seems large yet there are two precious children who will be sharing this car. A small donation to a worthy cause is not allot to ask for. I know from experience to be a mother with three and there is nothing under the tree hurts a children's spirit. They laughed it off, but it is still a wound, a memory of hard times.

Do not let this happen to two innocent children when you have an person willing to go out of her way to earn her keep. Look at her Facebook page and see her son's picture, you would have to be a scourge not to contribute to the event. Or broke which is understandable. Maybe you can assist by spreading the event on all the social media sites.

The flame is still flickering, hope is the key word today. It would warm the spirit to know there is generosity and care still alive in the community. The memories of the children as they open their presents on Christmas /holiday morning.

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