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Blog 3 For Authors Auction November 16th Facebook Event, Storm Sandy

Updated November 17th, 2012, auction link to go post bids on ebooks, autographed hard covers, misc and so much more.

As I am writing this, I am watching commercials for Black Friday start early, stores will be open Thanksgiving Night,  and that everyone will be with loved ones, bellies stuff, throats satisfied and love will be all around. They will sit down and have a piece of delicious Pumpkin Pie or other, a hot beverage and make memories, and then go out to shop..

At the same time, the Storm Sandy survivors, some call victims, they are,  will be hungry, thirsty, and cold. Some are in a better place, but there are still many who are living with out electricity, heat and water. No place to stored or cook that delicious food. No warm memories for their lives were devastated and will be in need of assistance.

The American Red Cross is collecting money, from the superstars to the poorest of individuals, and you may think the bases are covered. Tell that to a single mom with children, cold, hungry and in need. The single business man who lose everything. The ones who lost their loved ones, homes and personal belongings.

This is emotional, but I know from experience these unfortunate individuals and families will be forgotten as the holidays come and the president makes his laws.

So I am grateful that Author Dawn White and Brandy Schaefer and others in the Indie community came together and decided that these hurting people, needed more assistance and scheduled an Authors Sandy Storm auction under Facebook events, for November 16th, 2012.

I been helping, and we pulled together Pinterest boards and You Tube Videos, and an auction list. It will be available at the event wall and Message to my Children 2 Fantasy Escapism,  wall as of tonight.  So review the pin boards, the You Tube Videos and the auction list and please open your hearts one more time and help these warriors in time of need. Spread the kindness and love. To these people, we are one and we are responsible to help another through the storm.

At the moment if You Tube and my soft ware cooperates I am trying to link it all together, but there are copyright and protection digital codes and some will not post. So please review the list, with the authors, their donations and some with addresses links and shop local in the Indie Community and help the victims of Storm Sandy and fill that sensed of knowing a stranger will not suffer.

Here is  a draft of auction list, # 4, are authors who may be having computer concerns, so the portal is still open to gather more donations.

Physical Inventory Count Sheet  11/12/12-11/15/12,   6 pm NY

All the names below are the authors and individuals who have indicated they would like to donate to the Auction of November 16th, on Facebook Events, Each One has a number next to their name, it would be easier on Dawn and Brandy if you could take your number, email her, description, with link, cover and how many copies of each or put on it will be put on a Pinterest board  created, under genres and items.They are some names blank items, could you update with above information, if you are donating. This will be easier to track and possible post a You Tube promotion.

1.   Neil L. Yuzuk

2. Molly Synthia

Molly Synthia
I will give one copy of every published ebook from Mmmmore Productions to the lucky winner. That's something in the neighborhood of two hundred and fifty ebooks. Something like half a million words worth of erotica.

3. Amanda DeWees Same here. :) I'll be happy to donate ebooks, and can offer them in epub or mobi. By the 16th I'll have one stand-alone title and the first two books of a series ready.

4. Paulette Mahurin,

Diann Polchinski Great idea. I would love to donate some autographed copies of my book. Let me know.,

 Nikki Prince
121. Jen Barton

122. Stephanie White?

 123. Kellie J. Kamryn  - donated

 124. Tim Miller

 125. Mimi Bennett Lovell?

 126. Tom Ufert  email

 122. Stephanie White?

129.  Gary Powers

134 Ty Drago

136. Lisa James surgury?


138. Author Jamie Canosa

139. Jade Mira

Kate Angell

5. Dan Mader
The paperback will be The Biker: e-book can be any of the three. I'm attaching all the covers. Let me know if you need anything else.JD

6. Jacky Gray
 I would like to donate 10 electronic copies of the the first three books in my series Hengist:
The People of the Horse about a modern-day medieval people.

7. Wendi Bird Barnhart

8. Zrinka Carolyn

9. Jason Ellis I'll be donating all the
Amelia Maylock books & book one of Holly Silverstone in PDF format :)

10. Ella Medler

11. Paulette MahurinI will donate 5 kindle books: The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap tell me where to e-mail them once you have the donators for them.

12. The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap A story of intolerance, a chronicle of hatred and prejudice, the devastating consequences, & how love heals.... At Amazon: Profits to SPARC 1st no-kill animal shelter in VC, CA

13. Odra Duke Hi, I would be happy to donate ecopies of my book "There Are Magazines in Hell", just tell me how I can go about doing this.

14. Brenda Perlin Thank you for your generosity of spirit Dawn White and Brandy Schaefer Dull. I can donate 10 PDF copies of my book 'Home Wrecker’ I wish I could offer paperback books but a have very few left. If I am sent out email address's I can send out the files.

15. Home Wrecker is based...See More

16. Aneesa Price I've posted on my author page and every group I belong too! Let's make this event rock like no other... and share, share, share... and of course... donate ;-
Aneesa Price 2 books each = 4 books all together

17. Wendy Steele Thank you Dawn for organising this...and to Aneesa for reminding me to get along and join in! I will donate a copy of Destiny of Angels, Into the Flames and Turn Down the Heat X 5. My genre is fiction with a witchcraft/occult twist ..
for the info:-)

18. Brian McKinley Being a NJ resident myself, I'm glad to help. I can donate an ecopy of my novel "Ancient Blood: A Novel of the Hegemony." That's the only one I have at the moment.

19. Alyssa Fox I'll donate an e-copy of each of my books, Road to Recovery, Bound To Protect. On A Dare and Virgins Behaving Badly.

20. Melanie Toye I would love to be involved. I have a chick lit ebook novel, Entice Me which I would be happy to donate. I think the easiest way is to provide a coupon from they can use to accept the free ebook. I am from Australia but I assuming this isn't an issue?

21. Cathy Scott I'll donate digital copies of The Killing of Tupac Shakur.

22. Cari Quinn I'll donate a couple of signed books too. Great idea!Patricia A. RaseyI can donate a couple autographed copies of my books. Just let me know what I need to do.

23. Jo Michaels Fill me in.a bundle with the first two of the Mystic series (Bronya and Lily). Might generate extra interest.
‎#23. Jo Michaels 3 digital copies of each of the following:


24. Angus H. Day I'll donate an ecopy of each of my books.

25. Candice ScroobyI would love to help out!! I'll donate 10 ebook copies of Therian: The Bloody Crescent #1

26. Paige Bleu Great work Aneesa Price ;) I will donate 10 PDF copies of my book 'Finding Summerland' How will we get the winners info to email them? Just want to make sure I don't mess this up ;)

27.. The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap. A story of intolerance, a chronicle of hatred and prejudice, the devastating consequences, & how love heals.... At Amazon: Profits to SPARC 1st no-kill animal shelter in VC, CA

28.. Jen Barton I'll donate 10 digital copies of my kids' fantasy adventure, Fiona Thorn and the Carapacem Spell. Happy to help! :)

29.Tina.Carreiro. Signed print copy of Power of the Moon. More info can be found here.

30. De Ann Townes Jr.Hola  Aneesa, sonrisa... I'm already signed up ♥ I'll donate 15 PDF copies of my book... I've already donated cash to help with hurricane relief♥ I pray it helps♥ be well, Native♥

31.. Brian Bigelow I'll donate digital copies of Sea Witch and Liturgy.

32. JD Nelson Add an e-copy of Night Aberrations and a N.A.mouse pad to the list for me! :-)

33. Christine Powell Gomez I can donate ecopies of "Spell Checked" and "Immortal Voyage"

34. Valerie Douglas I'll donate a Kindle Paperwhite, with all my stories loaded..

35. Janiera Eldridge I can donate 1 digital copy of Soul Sisters, 1 digital copy of Dark Expectations and 1 signed bookmark. Just let me know how to get it to you. :)

36. Alivia Anders Please add an ebook copy of Illumine to the list!

37. Dakota Dawn I'll donate a print copy of The Desperate Fay King. It's an erotic M/M romance. Glad to help out :

38. Todd Loomis I'll come up with something to donate... It's great to see people helping out those in need.

39.. Stormie Kent I will donate a copy of my ebook Enslaved in Desire. Be warned it is an erotic read. Let me know how to get it to you.

40. Tarah Scott I will donate a digital copy of each of my historical romance novels: My Highland Love, Lord Keeper, and An Improper Wife.

41. Tc Archer We will donate one print copy of Chain Reaction, one digital copy of Chain Reaction, a digital copy of Full Throttle, and four digital copies of For His Eyes Only.

42. Peggy L Henderson I will donate a signed paperback copy of my best-selling ebook, Yellowstone Heart Song. (Sorry, I didn't know how else to add a picture except to link to Amazon's book page)

43. Nicole Harbaugh Campbell I will donate an e-copy of my short story and an e-copy of my book - more info here.

44. Tina Watson We will donate an e-copy of Blue Plague:The Fall.

45. Sable Hunter Hi! I will be honored to donate an ebook of any 5 of my backlist and a signed copy of Cowboy Heat - paperback.

46. Sharla Lovelace Scroggs I'll donate a copy of THE REASON IS YOU and BEFORE AND EVER SINCE. J

47. ES Tilton I'd love to donate what is completed from my series. Two books and a Novella.  3x3 = 9 editions

48. Tara Chevrestt I'll donate 3 ebooks as well. How do we do this? Is there a form or

49. Sydney's Song Three copies paperback donated for auction. See book info, reviews, excerpts on

50. Paula Shene I will donate a signed copy of Mandy The Alpha Dog, for the 7-12 year old crowd, The first in the series, The Chronicles of The K-9 Boys and Girls on Locus Street.

51. Roland Capalbo For the auction I will donate a 4x6 Mini Photo Canvas with display Easel of the faerie Zana (below) from my book The Dragon and the Faerie, along with the Kindle version of the book

52. Author Shyla Colt Donating 4 books, bidders' choice on my back list, and their own personalized short. 5-10 k the're topic of their choice, or character if they desire.

53. Tina Carreiro Donating: Signed print copy of Power of the Moon. More info can be found here.56.

54. Mireille Chester Donating a signed print copy of 'Chael's Luck'. Info can be found here.

55. Mireille Chester Donating a signed print copy of 'Tyler's Story'. More info can be found here.

56. Deena Remiel Donating ebooks of the first 2 books of The Book Waitress series.

57. Gracen Miller Donating: Signed print copies of Pandora's Box (book 1) and Hell's Phoenix (book2) of the Road to Hell series. More info on this series can be found here:

58. Erika M. Szabo I'm also donating 1 signed paperback

59.Erika M. Szabo I'm also donating 1 signed paperback

60. Kim Faulks Donating 3 bundles of The Fire and Ice Series and 3 copies of Hells Angel.

61. Mary Ting Donating 5 ebooks of Between, book 2 of Crossroads Saga. Book 1, Crossroads is free right now :)

62. Amanda R. Browning Donating 3 ebook bundles from The Immortal Choice Series.

63. Amanda R. Browning I'm donating one signed paperback copy.

64. Maire Ni Rabharthaigh
donated 5 books x 4 = 20 on Golden Rings and a Diamond Part 2: Australia Flame 'n Fame Hours Princesses, Self-publish;Sell your book with Six top online publishers

65. Dawn White Love Crystal Barnard's charms! She will tell you what you can choose for the ribbon or so on!

66. Brandy Schaefer Dull Thank you to Alex Granados for donating 3 ebook copies of his new release "Cemetery Plot"

67. Khelsey Jackson Donating! :)

68. Shih-Tzus Happens Donated for action

69. Kim Carmichael I will donate one of my Darkest Desires Globe necklaces

70. Janice Lane Palko I will donate a signed copy of my new book, a Christmas romance called A Shepherd's Song.

71. Dawn White necklace

72. Dawn White charm 

73. Dawn White Donating a key chain... I will put the winner's address in the gift option! ;) 

74. Pam Stucky is donating these to awesome books!  

75. Dawn White If anyone is a size six and would like me to donate a never worn blue satin Calvin Klein ball gown let me know! I bought it then never had a chance to wear it cause its to big! I'll post a pic tonight! ;)  

76. Dawn Whiteside of wedge•  Dawn White‎9 1/2 Animal print Wedges! never worn But super cute! ;)  

77. Shih-Tzus Happens Also donated for action Poncho? 

78. Jade Mira I will be donating a signed copy of Bella :)

79. CJ Roberts Hi! Great cause and I'm fully behind it. buy book and proceeds go to ARC

 80. Stephanie White ATTENTION AUTHORS: I will be donating 2 of my premade full print covers for auction. .. You will have the choice of ANY of the Advertised PREMADE COVERS on my Facebook Design page... ANY Cover that says it is for sale could be yours... :) I will need lots of information from the 2 lucky winners after the auction!! :) ♥

81. Jamie Canosa will be donating an e-book ;).

82. Olde Angel Payne  Happy to donate an e-copy of my new Loose-Id release, Permanent Marker, which will be released November 13th. Cover image coming soon!U

83. Diann Polchinski Great idea. I would love to donate some autographed copies of my book. Let me know.

84. Authors Auction for Hurricane Sandy Victims - November 06, 2012 - Event for Hot Ink Books and Eroticwww.goodreads.comEvent for Hot Ink Books and Erotic Reads on November 06, 2012 02:42AM at FACEBOOK PAGE : in The United S...

85. Arielle-Ferin Caldwell Donation #2- 2 4x6 signed cover images of my second book

86. Arielle-Ferin Caldwell Ok here's my first donation, a signed paperback of my book

87. dvd?  Ella Jade

88. Lori R. Lopez Chocolate Covered Eyes

89. An Ill Wind Blows

90. The Macabre Mind

 91. Silken Edge by

 92. Lane Diamond I'd be willing to donate a *signed hardcover* of my psychological thriller, FORGIVE ME, ALEX. One question: To whom will the money go? Red Cross?

93. Ann B. Harrison Mistakes for Magnus - ?Taming The Outback -  ?

 94. Annie Seaton

95. Holiday Affair

96. Winter of the Passion Flower

97. Blind Lust

98. S.J. Davis
Dark Light

99. Dawn White Wingless and Damned

100. Ben Daniels Anything I can do to help Dawn just let me know. My indie friends are my family, even if they believe so or not. Just have to message me.a. Ben Daniels Sadly Dawn I wish I had something to give, but currently my novels are both going to different charities and even with that not selling. I can donate my time, efforts, craziness and keep a party going if you so desire. I best wishes to go out to everyone in Sandy.

101. Brandi Alexander I'm happy to donate an e-copy of each of my books, Chase and Seduction, Her Cowboy Stud, Cowboy Bad Boys, and Turn Up the Heat, as well as a signed paperback copy of Cowboy Bad Boys. Thanks for organizing this!

102. Dawn White Sinead MacDughlas~ either male or female pjs your choice! ;)

103. Lori King I will donate a set of ebooks from my series The Gray Pack. One each of Fire of the Wolf & Reflections of the Wolf, you can auction them as a set to one person or separate them. Doesn't matter to me. :)

104. Emily Guido I will help! I am still in recovery from the Hurricane, gas lines, food lines and homelessness for a lot of us here. Let me know if you would like some ebooks! Thanks, Emily Guido    

105. Nikki Prince

106. Carly Anne Wallace My auction donation.. They are all signed.

107. Karli Rush Seducing a Mermaid, Crescent Bound

108. Carly Anne Wallace My auction donation.. They are all signed.

109. **Barbie Herrera I have no famous name behind my book but I'll donate 5 epub copies of Portrait of Our Marriage, an adult read.

110. Mj Higgy I Have 5 paperback signed copys of my first book the bombay bear to donate. I hope this will help you in your cause to raise money for the victims of Hurricane sandy

111. Michaelene McElroy
I'd be happy to donate five signed paperback copies of The Last Supper Catering Company. When all is said and done, just let me know addresses and I'll mail them out.
The Last Supper Catering Company is beautifully crafted, a throwback to a style half-forgotten yet sorely missed.” – Nick Bantock, Author/Artist – Griffin and Sabine Trilogy

112. Mireille.Chester

113. Kay Jaybee I would love to donate a pdf copy of my novella Not Her Type: Erotic Adventures with a Delivery Man. xx

114. Richard Sutton I have to agree with the other Richard, that my work would not really attract bidders, but I have four books available and I can donate as many of each in whichever eFormats are desired via Smashwords.   The Red Gate The Gatekeepers   Home   Troll

115. Andrea Buginsky Will help spread the word. I can offer PDF copies of all three of my books, but, as Richard Long stated, I don't have the level of fame that would bring a lot of money from them. Let me know.

116. Massimo Marino Willing to donate me too.  Either digital copies from Smashwords, or even 2 or 3 printed copies via a gift in Amazon.  Daimones, a ebook by Massimo Marino

117. Jolene Stockman I'm happy to be a (tiny!) part of this from New Zealand :) I've messaged Dawn with details of my YA books for donation - and I'm stoked to be doing this with all of you :):):) Thank you so much

118. Amanda DeWees Same here. :) I'll be happy to donate ebooks, and can offer them in epub or mobi. By the 16th I'll have one stand-alone title and the first two books of a series ready.

119. Paulette Mahurin Same here. I'm offering to whoever is collecting and arranging whether one book or you want to bundle mine with others=five kindle books up for auction, The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap. Tagging after my friend, Bonny and going with the flow.

 120. Brian Bigelow I think we'll be sending the winners copies direct if I'm not mistaken.

 121. Jen Barton

 122. Stephanie White?

 123. Kellie J. Kamryn  donated,

 124. Tim Miller

 125. Mimi Bennett Lovell?

 126. Tom Ufert  email

127. RandiAlexanderAuthor'm happy to donate an e-copy of each of my books, Chase and Seduction, Her Cowboy Stud, Cowboy Bad Boys, and Turn Up the Heat, as well as a signed paperback copy of Cowboy Bad Boys. Thanks for organizing this!


 129.  Gary Powers

 130. Peggy L. Henderson signed paperback copy Yellowstone Heart Song

 131. Nicole Harbaugh Campbell Secret Craving Publishing

 132. Patricia Macias two ebooks

 133. Sable Hunter 5 ebooks of current and a signed copy of Cowboy Heat

134 Ty Drago

135. Mary Ting 5 ebooks of Between book 2, of Crossroads Book 1 is free on Amazon nov 6

136. Lisa James surgury?


138. Author Jamie Canosa

139. Jade Mira


141. Kate Angell

142. Amanda Clymo  a copy of Tree Change, November 30, Tea Cooper

 143. Marissa Dobson Sizzling PR 15 tour in 2013 and one formating services for ebook/print in any length Sizzling PR

144. Kym Gross Paranormal Author, Amazon Gift Card?

145 Lane Diamond

146. Denise.Hemphill.5

147. Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson

148. Sharon.Reddy  Five sets of Paradox Equation, best-selling SF series in e-publishing for five years; two volumes, five novels each.

149. Stormie.kent
   2 copies


151. Jan Moran
Happy to send 2 signed copies of Scent of Triumph, and 2 signed of for Fabulous Fragrances II.


 book but I'll donate 5 epub copies of Portrait of Our Marriage, an adult read.

154. Richard Long
I could throw in 2 signed copies of The Book of Paul, if the winner is in the USA.


157. Laura Roberts
 How about 10 copies of my ebook, Rebels of the 512? It's a satirical ninja novel, available on Amazon: (Where should I send the pics?)

158. Marcia James
Here is a pic of the signed, print book I'm donating, Dawn White :)
Heating up for the Holidays
At Her Command

159.  (under the name AG Bellamy)
Man and Muse

160. Jolene Stockman

161. Lisa Beth Darling-Gorman Beth Darling-Gorman
The Heart of War-Book #1 in the OF WAR Series. 1 paperback copyChild of War-A God is Born Book #2 in the OF WAR Series 1 paperback copyChild of War-Rising Son Book#3 (story #4) in the OF WAR Series--this is a BRAND NEW release! 1 paperback copy.Christmas Eve on Olympus story #3 in the OF WAR Series (short story) 1 ebook copy

162. Patricia Sands
I'll donate a signed paperback and an ebook.

The Alien Mind


The list is closed as of 11/15/12 at 5 pm NY time, Thank you all, from the victims and good luck and success on the auction.

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  1. Wonderful what you're doing! I live in Greene County, NY that got hit bad last year by Irene and I know how things get forgotten and people move on, but those who are devastated are still there.