Monday, November 12, 2012

All Proceeds are Helping Survivors of Storm Sandy with funds and love.

For the month of November and on, Facebook Events to help Storm Sandy Survivors with Donations and Love.

All Proceeds are Helping Survivors of Storm Sandy with an Auction, Read-A-Thon and Love Of Knowledge. started on November 6th, to ask for Donations from Indie Authors and others to be auction off on November 16th to individuals who pay a pledge to the American Red Cross and come back to Dawn and Brandy with a receipt and the merchandise will be shipped to the purchaser.  This was a tiny light spark that has grown into a bonfire, and I am a New State resident and know the devastation these survivors are suffering through from the tri-state to the Caribbean and other places that were struck by the Storm Sandy. Then a week later by the Northeaster, and some people were hit again, and even today two weeks later and probably into the holidays they are still suffering.

There are other groups too on Facebook who are contributing their time and energies to help the survivors, like the generous reader who will review books in a book-a-thon for donations to be sent to the American Red Cross. by,  kudos to her and all the others who thought that the many was more important than the one, and decided to come and help another. . Good luck she is impressed and collecting many books to review.

  This group is very new but as vital, they are gathering together to make sure all the libraries damaged by Storm Sandy, when their doors are ready to be open again and they will need be resupply with new books. These wonderful people will be collecting them.  Books are the greatest gifts we can give to our loved ones and children. Knowledge is power. Thank You Authors KS Brooks and Jacqueline Hopkins-Walton, for thinking of others in time of need.  

These individuals as well as many others are dedicating 24 hours a day in their hearts to assist strangers, and help them back on their feet, feeding them, give them water to drink, clothing for their bodies and knowledge for their minds. I want and I know others would like to let them know how we all appreciate all their contributions and dedication, to the survivors very much.  Want to say Thank You to you all.  So check out the links or events for the Auction, the Read-A-Thon, or the Indie Authors for Hurricane Sandy Libraries who are planning to collect books for libraries. They are all very worthy causes. 

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