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Be in the Spotlight, Moses Opara, March 20, 2013


Moses Opara and Shah Fazli Interview

March/20, 2013  9:00pm in UTC+01  check timeline in event. apprx 3-4 pm, Altantic time

Moses Opara   International Poet from Nigeria 

Contributor to Angels Cried and other Anthologies. 


This is my short bio.

Moses Opara is a young poet from imo-state in the eastern part of Nigeria,
Opara's poems are mostly to explore the plight of the poor masses and how to make the society a better place.
His experience while growing up in the ghetto with a poor widowed mother have largely influenced his poetry. Poverty,love, and religion have also  been a major theme of his.a young poet with a large heart,to mould souls into a better shape,than destroy them.
He could therefore be called a socialist poet,some of his poetry works have been featured in international anthologies like the Stephen l. Wilson ,Angels cried(for charity to raise fund for the victims of the Connecticut shooting),grape vine anthologies and many others.
Apart from writing,Opara also expresses his creativity in the visual arts, stand-up comedy and acting.
A graduate from the federal government college Rubochi. 
Opara aspires to pursue a full degree in mass communication,when he gains admission into the university.


Some of his Poetry

You spend your life in the laboratory,
just to be called a professor, but outside the laboratory your life means nothing but vanity!

A man's life consist's not in the abundance of the things which he possesses!

The skies dressed
on red,
as wickedness roams
about naked to charm
wandering souls~
seeking for daily bread!
The sun bleed's with tear's and the wind's
feverishly blew.

Our fading smiles
wrnkled away
and our children hummed songs of hope
looking into the sun
in liveless joy
with death as gift in their hands to bear!

Moses is very poetic and talented when the mood captures him to write and his friends add their input, he has written for many anthologies, like Angels Cried, and others

He wants to express his gratitude to Author Stephen L. Wilson and contributors of the IIA family, he is honour to be a part of a soul searing emotional group and able to  aid the survivors of the departed angels with all proceeds of sales of the book as donations through the United Way School Fund.


 Angels Cried Contributors from around the world, authors and artists. 


Angels Cried
by Stephen L. Wilson (Goodreads Author) (Editor), Allison Bruning(Goodreads Author), Sara St.Clair, Crystal Schall, Reyna Hawk (Goodreads Author), Eri Nelson (Goodreads Author), Katherine Rochholz (Goodreads Author), Matther Christopher Nelson , Don Martin, Gretchen Steen, Guy Anthony De Marco (Goodreads Author), John Kovacich (Goodreads Author),Tami Kidd (Goodreads Author), Meghan Arcuri, Micheal Bailey, Jen Baker,Ency Bearis, Julian Brooklyn, Crysta Dawn, T.J. Edison, George S. Geisinger, Charlie Giardino, Marianne Halbert (Goodreads Author), Zrinka Jelic (Goodreads Author), Cyma Rizwaan Khan (Goodreads Author), Rachel E. Kovacs, Catherine Mahoney, Elizabeth E. Castillo (Goodreads Author),Melisha N. Murray, Roseville Nidea, Linda Bonney Olin (Goodreads Author), Moses Opara, Alan Place (Goodreads Author), Kit Roe (Goodreads Author), L.K. Russ, Zantippy Skiphop (Goodreads Author), Daron Smith,Brien Sparling, Christena Antonia Valaire Williams, Lisa Williamson(Goodreads Author), Paul Morrison (Goodreads Author) if you go to the Goodreads links you can discover more about these authors. 

 Contributors listed above,  to the Angels Cried Anthology who appeared in Be on the Spotlight in February and March and more scheduled for the coming months. Paying respect to the departed angels and sharing  their present works.

International Poets/Poetesses

Moses Opara, Emeke Nwaoboli 
  Elizabeth E. Castillo,  Roseville Neville , Antonia Valaire


Stephen L.Wilson, Matthew C. Nelson, Reyna Hawk, Zrinka jelic

Moses generously let Indies In Action group shared his event;

I am a liberal person, when i give out a poem, i fail to focus more on it. But try to move ahead to touch other angels.

This is the Angels Cried Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Angels-Cried/291375294299301

Moses Favorite Song


Enya - Only Time



ShahSight Amazon Book Store


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Author of the Intrepreter  http://www.amazon.com/Interpreter-ebook/dp/B00BRI4438/ref=sr_1_sc_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1363718974&sr=1-1-spell&keywords=Intrepreter+shah+fazli

Please review the bookstore and preview the books and if you like the authors' books,  Google them, give them a like, a review and shared and help the Angels Cried charities as well as the authors who invest their blood, sweat, and tears of writing and sharing their thoughts and story lines with readers.  

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