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Foretold-Betrayed-Desire (Kyron's Worlde: Foretold) by E.S. Tilton

Foretold: Betrayed By Desire (Kyron's Worlde: Foretold) by E.S. Tilton, Mark Hardman and Karen Swaty      

This is the first book in the Kyron's Worlde: Foretold series. Kyra: Assassin. Illusionist. Genetically designed for sex. She can be anyone she wants. Except herself. She has one last job to do before she's free. Or at least as free as a Freni-kyn can be. Tahrek: Assassin. Miss-breed. Haunted by his twisted past. He only has one goal and that's to survive. Not an easy task when you're Half-Frevell. His next job should be simple. All he has to do is kill Kyra. The Seven: Seven seers from seven races. All they want is...well that remains to be seen. Maybe they'll all get what they want. If they can get past psychotic murderers, poisonous creatures, antiquated laws, the dark secrets of their past, and one other deadly thing. Mutual attraction.

If you were to read a printed version of this book it would be aprox. 335 pages There is a Glossary included but a printable version can be downloaded from This book is intended for mature readers.

As a reader of books for a while now, I am always on the lookout for stimulating and entertaining books to discover. So when this author Elisabeth Tilton started to promote her blog and her fantasy world of kyron, I look forward to it and was intrigued with the plot. It is a world of complex but intriguing concepts about light vs. dark, I was hook. What I preview of her talents, she is the type of creative artist if given a mosaic to complete, piece by piece she would add her personal touch to it to it to create a beautiful crafted master piece and after completing her first book she proved my theory that her creativity with her first book, was a master-piece of fantasy and entertainment.

 When I received her book, I settled in to escape into her new found world of Kyron and was not disappointed. I do not know her personally, but I preview through her blogs, her writing style she is poetic, witty and very stimulating in gathering words together and creating a tapestry of fantasy which captures a reader’s mind from start to finish. She also has a remarkable team of artists, Mark Hardman, her cover creators to her editors and publishers, so they are no complaints of unprofessional artwork or literature syntaxes or grammatical sloppy tenses. It flows smoothly as the puzzle pieces, the story plot come together with the seven realms of good and bad, one protecting the human race, and the other out to extinguished it.

This story starts with the seven realms of darkness scheming to destroy all that is light and good of all of the realms. She opened the book not with one but five prologues, she joking says not to read them, but if do not you will miss out on the beginning when evil has a plot to create seven generations of his heirs to destroy the seven good heirs that are protecting the seven races of the Kyron kingdom. Then she goes into the seven heirs of the good kingdom and brings us through their portal into the world of peace and witty humor with descriptive details of their existence, from the thoughts in italics, (psychic) to the food they eat to their clothing to the naughty thoughts they are thinking of each other. Then to the scene when the seers see darkness corrupting the good realm of Kyron and they know that the future is bleak and their hands are tied, for they can’t interfere.

Then evil comes and plot their devious scheme and sets out to destroy the seven heirs, causing chaos and bitterness to infect the seven realms and earth. Like a deadly poison it oozing into their consciousness and infractions among the once peaceful worlds are shattered and then arguments and disagreements flourish into all out wars. The united races are divided and become enemies of each other and very suspicion of one another. The present seven good heirs so shock by the unfolding events did not tell anyone and ran to the hills to hide until the horrific apocalypse occurred, and then it is too late, or is it? Now the reader is reading each chapter to see when the Day of Betrayal arrives, two hundred fifty-three years later, and what will be or not to be.

Chapter One comes and this reader was lost in the wonder of how this will be played out and the elements of their genetics blend with the characters as they love, live, dance and hate, died and lose hope, only to have the tempo rise like in a symphony. And the conflicts fold out as the fight goes on to defend their world and save all from extinct or to become unwilling slaves to the dark lord. It opens with carnage and goes on to the shape shaper and her past and the assignments she was given, to be met with a challenger of her wits and talents and they compete with each other in defence tactics to possible lust longing.

The author has created a fantasy world of intrigue as she intertwined many of the supernatural elements that one adds to stimulate the reader’s senses, such as the shape shifter, the lions as horses to the scenery of the woods and the castles, to when the assassins entered into the town to carry out their missions. The intensity of being professionals and the lingering desire of heated sensual temptations is bordering on distraction that could be costly. The added flashbacks of the main character's romantic love lost in the past tingles the reader’s core.

 Also the reader has to remember the characters are in the realm of darkness, so the seven races are not allies, more like merchants looking for hit jobs, so they do not trust each other and one is always in danger of being executed by their employers. Thus one asks who is friend or foe. A double agent could be a liability to the guild, and they too are marked. In this tale, two powerful main characters, have personalities of night and day traits and have conflicts and tension between the two. Now they are forced to unite together as a couple to run and escape the bounty parties who were ordered to execute them. The two are independent fiery characters with hidden deep psychological wounds, which they desired to keep secret, and perform as professional assassins. Yet the intense urgency to live into the next day created vulnerability between the assassins, and opens their fragile cracks of trust, of their facades and the challenges bring about their true desires for each other.

The events are slowly revealed in emotional and sensual actions towards each other. Hints of a future intimate relationship is developing between two and the plot becomes more powerful as the lust, betrayal and confusion of who is whose foe or protector. The extra hints of action of death lurking in the midst the sensual union of two assassins on the edge of killing each other by the order of the guild turns this tale into a suspenseful story.

The reader’s heart and passion was ignited and was focused on the story, ignoring all temptations of daily life. The suspense compelled the reader to finish the tantalizing tale of Kyron’s world and to discover who won in the battle between the seven races of good and evil. This reader realized the seers were at fault in the beginning by keeping the foretold secret, now have an opportunity to repent and help the world of Kyron, to realign it back to the former time of tranquillity and unity. How, by assisting the young warriors to overcome the obstacles and threats and healed their past wounds to fulfilled the predicted prophesy of the mission of Kyron’s appointed two powerful warriors to defeat evil, they cooperate together as a team to break the stereo-type distortions and gathered together all the fractured races into one and utilized supernatural weapons necessary to become victors and gain their objective to balance the unequal shift of light and darkness.

 This author has created an unbelievable of fantasy in the mid-evil times of reality and fantasy where two powerful characters, of different races start out as assassins, to protectors, to friends to lovers to a unique and stimulating event of bonding together because they are the chosen ones. Strangers, yet soul mates there is friction, tension and powerful love and fighting scenes. The seers are in the background assisting in their own disguises handing out wisdom and mysterious riddles that confounds the characters, was stimulating and the suspense of them getting acquainted with each other in a mid-evil scenario was entertaining. The author utilizes circumstances that united the characters in desperate moments of escaping the bounty hunters and survive another day in a perilous world. It was interesting twist to read as each character broke laws and cultural beliefs to answer to their destiny's purpose. Some of the actions they committed could have them murdered or execute.

The delicious details of the plot kept the reader intrigued and savour each scene. This reader highly recommends this book and the foretold ones coming in the near future. This was a delightful treat to enter into a fantasy world full with adventure, excitement, hints of romance and of course suspense. It can be located at and to find out more about this uprising author you can go to her Amazon Author page

Remember even if you do not have a kindle, you can download the Kindle App at and read her book and have fun getting lost in a very creative world of Kyron and the fight of good vs. evil, and cheer the heroes on.

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  1. excellent review. I have also read her book, before the publishing. I agree with you!

  2. Thank you so much for this review Catherine. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. You actually made me blush with your compliments and it takes a lot to make me blush, as you can probably understand from some of the racey contents of my books.