Friday, August 17, 2012

Author Michelle Ann Hollstein and Musician Kevin Macleod Mystery Promotion on 8/17/12

Michelle Hollstein author of several mystery sleuth books and other works will be the honour Host of Friday Mid-day-Midnight Promotion of August 17th, 2012  at and she may bring along a mystery guest with many talents that can help all artists looking for spark to embedded into their promotions. Come along and join her and others for an entertaining mystery cruise to Mexico.

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    Michelle Matkins
    • The music I used for the Book Trailer is Modern Jazz Samba by Kevin MacLeod at
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      Michelle Matkins has other books and videos, all available at and YouTube, I have created another blog displayed her other works and videos.  Want to know more about this uprising author in sleuth mysteries, check it out. Aggie Underhill a mid aged woman, mother and grandmother with a dysfunctional family and zany friends always seems to getting herself and them into mysterious and sometime dangerous criminal investigations. With her off colour humor and discipline she will leave no stone under-turn to follow the clues and solved the case. In the midst of this, is the other characters, Betty, Roger, her daughter's and her family and of course the pesky mother-law with her tssk, flip of the tongue always challanging Aggie who is a widower to up the ante and proved her wrong. the two I have read, are hilarious, serious and full with mystery and suspense.

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    Michelle Hollstein  is honour to  invited a very talented and specialized musican that creates his own tracks and offers them to the public. Follow below and find out more about this magical man of instruments and putting musical pieces together to create awesome soundtracks.   Trumpets, drums and horns playing Here comes my special guest,  kevin Macleod. 
      I wrote this piece as nice a nice background to Duncan's (lividcoffee) Minecraft videos for the riveting mining scenes. So... if any of you know him, let him know about this.... I can't seem to get a hold of him. And I think this is much nicer than all of the mining music he has used thus-far.

      How do I place a credit for this music in my project?

      Place the following in the credits or description of your project. If you can't give proper attribution you may purchase a license.

      "Music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod (".

      The theme of this mysterious author's book One Hell of a Cruise  (Modern Jazz Samba)  is from a royal free site owned by Kevin Macleod, he is a talented musician and has a copyright free registry setup with his music site;

      One is to credit him in your promo, as stated above or receive an attribution license for $30 dollars and he will let you have the theme to be available for all your promotions to create videos or other works to promote your specialized item. 

      You can see his other pieces and works at

      What really cool is he accepts credit cards and, which means he is international too.

      He is also available on Twitter:

 Kevin: last night contacted MTMC2FE and offered these royal free music links of his friends to share. He has be more then a gracious guest of Michelle Ann Hollstein, he is available to answer any questions or you can leave comments at his Twitter site. He is also on Google +, it is like a telephone, new something new everyday.

Please be considerate if you visit his site for music soundtracks leave a donation. 

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