Friday, December 28, 2012

Surprises come in Large and small Packages, (Ghost, Dragon, Poet)

It is amazing how sometimes joyful yet sorrowful events bring people into your life. When they do come, you chat with them and find out you both have alot in common, and feel you met a kindred spirit. This blogger and birthday gal in two days, on the 30th of December has. His name is Matthew Nelson, besides a gentle and funny man, married and a father. He is an amazing artist. He did the portrait and plans to help with a very dear project for loved ones close to him. 

I opened my email and found this delightful link: curious got the cat I went there and was stunningly surprised and in love. His artwork is soulful, touching and brings emotional sensations alive.  please preview and you may find a piece that belongs on 
the wall, calls for you to have from the depth of your soul or buy for that someone that has everything. This little act will lead to larger acts of kindness, out of respect I am to keep quiet about. But will give updates later in the future after some time is taken for healing. 

The title of this blog definitely describes this master, in more ways then one. 

To me this piece has an aura, of peace, and it is magical, to you? 

He has been a gentleman and for my birthday, how lucky can a girl get, he will be there in spirit as I am promoting his art for him to achieve his future dreams. When you discover his dreams you will understand, one act of kindness will vibrant  for many.

I am setting up a Pinterest Board of his artwork too. 

If you like more information or to contact the artist you can send a check to Matthew  C. Nelson
                                          Matthew C. Nelson
                                          8985 Normandy Blvd Lot #109
                                          Jacksonville, FL 32221

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