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The Haves vs. the Haves Nots

Haves vs. Have Nots Storyline Imagine a dimension or planet be it a new earth or alien planet where light and dark forces are battling for control of the masses and resources. Resided on it are Light workers who desired to create a peaceful society and the dark aliens who desired total authority over the masses and steal all nations’ resources. In the shadows there are rebels infiltrating the Internet and they are skilled hackers who can invaded a powerful security computer network and disrupted and make it crashed to prove their dominance over any authority be it the administration, the governmental or a local state officer. Experts in their abilities, they are specialized trained operators who can key codes and commands into a encrypted system and sneak in invisible through the electric circuits and hacked in to any simple to complex computer infrastructure, infected it with a bug, virus and shut down any vital center, be it the financial to the local mom and pop store to random households. Hold the internet hostage and stop all activities, causing chaos to the targets and stop their agendas from succeeding. They do this as an invisible force, they purpose to express their dissatisfaction about the injustices done behind the closed doors of the present administration, any governmental and corrupt corporations’ head by power brokers who were using the masses as pawns in their sick mind games. These organizations and entities are all headed by corrupt rich brokers and players with financial assets who desired to eliminate the poor and working class societies, to transform a broken world into their version of what the new world should be. The game brokers and players under the disguise of caring, compassion objectives instead plan devious schemes to control the planet’s puppets and meanwhile plan to reduce the population. By portraying real and fake events and incidents to scared the masses into submission, to become puppets depending upon the dark leaders for guidance. They are lied to; delusional and defeated by the unstable actions of their administration, the masses become confused pawns in their sick mind game of greed and power play. The hackers, magicians of Internet land were tired of the manipulation and abuse of the brokers, decides it is time to take back control, for the people, by the people and to educate the masses to wake up before it was too late. They agree to use present technologies advantages of the world, as their weapon, the computer and the Internet and their skill to break through any security wall. The hackers were peace loving light workers nonviolent, yet they understood to win a battle they may have to commit illegal crimes be it taking hostage of the internet, or other actions such as marching in the streets to protest against the game brokers’ abuse of power against humanity. By disrupting the foundation, the backbone of their infrastructure, their digital services, they could hit them where it hurts, in their pockets. If their services, be it financial, transport, military, are disrupted for a day or more, many organizations and services would be down. Imagine if you would if they hack into the transportation of the city hub, stop the trains, buses and planes, no one could travel, there would be delays and people not able to attend important meetings, the world planet would stop functioning. If it continued for too long mass panic would erupt. Chaos would ensue. As people felt trapped, resentful and began loss of income, a chain reaction would begin. Consumers terrify of starving, would hoard groceries stores, and general stores to gather basic supplies. The trucking industry would not be able to deliver goods and services. Anarchy would take over; riots in the streets everywhere. This disruption of services, a domino effect would reach around the planet, the stock market would crash. This event(s) would cause major disorder. This action by the hackers be would a warning to the Elite, the Have’s, that their evil intentions will be stopped no matter what. It was a life or death matter now. The magicians of the Internet did not want to go to these extremes, but the dark ones would not listen to their warnings, to discontinue their evil agendas immediately. The hackers, the concerned citizens behind the screens were tired of the lack of consideration and the damage occurring to the masses, knew all the actions were being committed right in the faces of the population of the planet, too disoriented to understand the true purpose behind the administration actions. Their schemes were hurting many people from young babies, not even born, abortion was encouraged as a recreational activity, to the veterans fighting on the frontlines, sacrificing their lives to the children attending robotic schools to the elderly who were held as prisoners in their own homes or admitted to poor run nursing homes, under the new Health Care Act, as they are no longer useful to the new administration. Now to be the first targets of depopulation when the administration decided enough was enough, the planet belongs to them, not inferior Have’s Nots. The present administration led the habitants to their doom, day by day, by lying, and active negative promises and mind games on the masses though media, Internet, social media and all channels of communication. The powers to be, the elite and their associates advertised and promoted video games and music entertainment as a distraction as to what was really going on, populating the young minds of the planet. Creating zombies who were to be enlisted into a death match military that did not promote, liberty, justice and freedom for all, rather, injustice, no liberty, to become mindless slaves to die for nothing, but greed and corruption. It was a strategic covert Operation, of the slow and deathly takeover of the planet though deceptive means and bloodshed. The administration made false promises from their first election, to the second reelection to probably a third term as leader and bring along their devious minions with them. Disguised the truth that they will be change for the better, was actually a plan to destroy the wealth of the competitive regions of the planet, raised taxes, caused high unemployment, create robotic children though education, eliminate all beliefs of faith, and trick people with pointing fingers at innocent participates who threatened the have’s with preventing them to achieved their evil agenda. . Rather the change has been stagger and a stalemate had been placed in position. The wolves blamed and pointed fingers at the elected officials who were to represent the people of the planet, placed them in the position of being label scapegoats. This holding pattern of bickering among the leaders and the representatives caused a schism in the ranks. No laws being voted on. If they are voted on, they were disguise as benefits to the residents. Meanwhile they were actually disadvantages, under the ploy of caring, the infrastructure of the powerful nations was being dismantled and the states were becoming imprisoned under the protection act. Militaries fought the Marshall Laws that were being voted in, and placed into action. They understood the consequences of this new change. This security measure was not beneficial for the haves’ nots. They rights were being taken away, curfews ordered. Innocent residents, who were in bad shape, as the homeless, disabled, the addicts, and the indigents were the first targets to be marked and punished under the illusion of safety for the planet. The hackers believed protection was fine, except when an individual right were stripped from him or her, and they were arrested, and not given quick due process, but linger in jails, because of unfortunate circumstances of their lives. Due to events, unemployment, Post trauma Syndrome, illnesses, or other, misfortunate beings were in wrong place at the wrong time and the administration decided it was time to gather these indigent vagrants were a danger to society and needed to be rounded up and placed in containment camps. The powers to be issued orders had begun Operation Round-Up. A play of words, as the Round-Up was a weed killer at that time, as these people were weeds to the Elite and needed to be eliminated. Taken off the streets, shipped to these camps and not heard from again. Something strange was occurring and the Magicians knew the truth behind the lies, were concern for these beings. These underhanded tactics of compassion confused and exhausted the population. Not understanding where some of their loved ones had gone, questioning authorities but received the run around. Media was being bias or cynical, no one knew who to trust or believe. Some of the inhabitants began to develop disinterest in their government and their agenda. The masses became delusional, not caring who was right and wrong with their laws. Encouraging lack of participation from the people, as they powers to be desired and the manipulative schemes were winning. Wars were declared, in favor of security but it was for greed, to rape the other regions of their resources and take over their nations. Debt was growing leaps and bounds. The instability discourage the young and old to participate in a dying world, they became addicted to instant pleasures or disengage from society. Others were in denial about the mind games, as the bickering continued and the red flag incidents occurred, people gave up. Fewer voters came out to vote for the primaries. This lack of action caused a wide divide in the governmental structure. The dark ones were elected by a rigged system, won, and mocked the masses at how gullible they were. They stated “Easy pickings to take down when the timing was right.” The hackers knew this administration’s agenda were becoming very concern about theirs and their children’s’ futures. Agreed it was time to fight back. The countdown has begun. The hackers, the magicians of the internet contacted their followers and announced their plans to fight back. The head leader placed the call out for all to come from the four corners of the planet. The followers received the encrypted message that they were to come and gather to the secretive headquarters quester in closed quarters hidden deep below the mountains in a secluded location. They planned this strategic meeting for many months. They watched unseen from secret computers and are privy to ll information, knowledge and secrets that everyone thinks are hidden from pirates and preying eyes, but not with these hackers. Experts in the art of sneaking in unseen, invisible ghosts entering into complex systems and take them over. They were ninjas, of their trade, quick, efficient and as magicians could create much chaos they needed to to prove their point, all with a stroke of one key and encrypt coding. Frustrated with the Elite’s devious agenda, they decided this was the time to stop talking, warning, and playing childish games, to up the ante and use more brazen action as their message to the powers to be, this take over will be stopped. The leader, a peace loving man understood their constant messages and warnings were for naught as the major game brokers of the planet oblivious to the capabilities of these tech masters, are about to regret their scoffing, thinking it was a childish game and mocking these annoying pests. But he and they were not children or teenagers fooling around with hacking but concern citizens who desired to take authority back from the evil leaders and their puppets. Gain it back and give the control back to humanity as it was declared in their history and important documentations created by their forefathers before them. The high elite members did not know what was upon the horizon, they messed with the wrong powers and now, oblivious to the knowledge and expertise of these secret ninjas held in their hands, would regret thinking the annoying pests were to be ignored. More and more strange events were occurring, as the Haves up their ante, so would the Have nots. There was reports of governmental glitches, theft of important emails stolen posted on the internet for all to view, from credit card information to email addresses, to the temporary stoppage of the trains, planes and bridges controls not operating properly. The Elite were becoming uncomfortable, met behind closed doors were counting the numerous incidents happening, try to keep it out of the limelight and hands of nosy reporters and from the masses awareness. They felt unnerved by the occurrences. They almost had more than half the population under their control, believing this administration was for the people. They were dominant sheep hypnotized by glitter and glamour of deceptive trickery. The powers to be recognized The rebels could with their continuous actions awakened the sleeping masses, their dominant minds to see the truths and they would start a revolution, fight them, which must not occurred . They realized someone of high authority with resources; bodies were behind the numerous incidents. The pranks were becoming troublous and disrupting society on all levels. Security breaches to the highest office of the land to the local television stations, was making the evil ones very nervous. These Hackers were becoming a serious threat. It was time to fight fire with fire, the members searched the planet for the competing experts who would challenge these rebels with their expertise, knowledgeable in this field could investigate, locate and hunt down these magicians hiding behind their computer screens and keyboard. The countdown has begun. The question, Who will triumph over each other, the light ones vs. the dark ones, ****. Chapter One Enlistment Begun The magicians knew that they were targeted by the administration, and these they were planned to hire experts in hacking to combat fire with fire. They were concern about the safety of their leaders and their families. They witnessed though their invasions of National Top Security Computers; the Elite were becoming furious and knew they had to eliminate the enemy, them as quickly as possible if they were to go ahead with their agenda of depopulation and takeover of the planet and its resources. The High Commander decided it was time to contact his first men and let them know that they and their families were in danger from these bounty hunters who had a reward to seek and destroy all rebels against the New World Order. . Sam, and his best friend, Jim felt the urgency of their mission as Sam’s disposable cell phone kept vibrating in his pocket, they read the first email, and ignored the rest. He was consumed with arriving at the cabin and ignored the second, third and so on messages, they did not want to stop. Sam pressed his foot down on the gas pedal, racing, breathing deep breaths quelling the fear from overwhelming him, before it was too late, and his life would be shattered, he and Jim knew that the girls and the children were heading towards the cabin too. He knew from the first message in code, The Elite and their dark ones hired bounty hunters to hunt for rebels, and hackers who threatened national security and desired to bring down the new empire. His best friend, second in command, Jim also was targeted by these blood thirsty bounty hunters. Unknown to them, did not how calculating and murderous they were, they rigged Jim’s van with hidden explosives. Plan to eliminate him, when he drove to the hide-out, track him with their undisclosed GPS tracking system, locate the hide-out, and destroy it and him when they blew up the van. Unfortunately Jim decided to leave the van at home that day and hitched a ride to the secret meeting with Sam. They received a text from command "Their families were in danger, warn them to vacate homes and escape to a hide out immediately". Sam text his family to alert Jim’s family it was time and they to meet them at Sam family cabin later tonight. The ladies were friends sharing coffee when they received texts. Relieved the men changed their minds, to head to the cabin and prepare it, clean it before the winter set in, they missed vacationing there. As couples they spent times there to get away to the holidays since college days. Sometimes as one couple and other times like in the summer, invite Jim’s now ex-wife and children to stay with them. They liked the idea of. an impulsive get away, what fun". Yet, deep in their cores, they knew something was more urgent about this trip. Both men shared a hobby, a passion for computers. They met in college when the computer department had an hacking event, a challenge by a federal agency to locate skilled hackers who could break into any system and show them how to find the glitches and fix the security fire wall so no one could hack in their military supercomputer. The two wary of each other, took on the challenge of conquering the feat. Worked separately, yet, the project was very complex, and Sam not to give in, was competing with Jim, knew he did not have the knowledge to break the last wall. The CEO of the company requested a time limited to break the code. Sam realized that if they were to beat the clock and win the scholarship money to help pay for their college education, he would have to join forces with another expert, Jim to hack into this specialized program. They accomplished the challenge, received their scholarship monies and became best friends. Jim a proud father of twins, so adored his children, Helen and Michael, two peas in a pod, each other's shadow, curious and daring, he never know what adventure he came home to. He enjoyed listening to his wife's' tales of their antics, frustrating but funny at the same time. Sam was a father of two daughters, two years apart. Both married their college sweethearts, and lived their fulfilling lives, until their hobby, hacking into computers discovered a national agenda of the head administration that turned their stomachs and broke their hearts. They knew that if they did not take action, their children would suffer the consequences. A corrupted planet lead by a demented authority figure, his minions who would be untouchable and passed unconstitutional laws that would take away rights and hurt many innocents’ beings. Two peace loving hippies they could not see this occur. Contacted their club members, told them of the deceit and the evil agenda of the administration, and it had to be stopped at all costs. . Born that day were the Magicians and Ghosts of the Internet Society, the experts of hacking into computers, their security systems and programs to start Operation Take Down. . Sam dreaded what he may discover when he arrived at his father's cabin where he, his wife Eileen and two adorable children vacation at, every summer, had not been visited in the last two years. Dead animals, spider webs, etc, he prayed the traffic delay did not delay him before the families arrived.. The cabin was secluded located deep in the Vermont woods. His father built it many years ago, and left it to his first born son, Samuel Wilkins. Two hours passed when they last communicated with their wives. He knew when Jim have not heard from his ex-wife, as she did not listen to only call his work cell if there was an emergency. . She would call it anytime she needed him. He felt annoyed by it, but then he was able to talk to the twins, so he forgave her, for not obeying his instructions. Two hours passed, and she did not call as usual. He knew that they all were on the road, yet something was not right. He felt uncomfortable in his skin. Both men knew there was a bounty on their heads and wanted to protect their families. Agreed for safety of both women and the children with them, they should drive the van and head towards the cabin, that was over four hours ago. They should have arrived before them. . Another two hours passed and no word from either men's families. just the sound of a busy signal every time one or another called. Frightened not willing to voice their apprehensive thoughts, they decided to delay the meeting with the members and changed directions headed towards the cabin. The women and children unaware of the circumstances that their husbands were on the hit list of the Elite ones, were gathering provisions for the long road trip. Did not observe the hidden men and women dressed in black spying on them. Waiting for all to board the van and be eliminated, as a warning to the hackers they were no longer invisible. The skies were become dark as a storm was approaching. As the women chatted, the twins played hide and sneak. Michael running blindly collided with an elderly gentleman, he had the brightest blue eyes, Michael ever saw. He was hypnotized by them. Felt as he was being pulled in a crystal blue ocean. The man lend down asked Michael, "What was his name?, Michael liked the man's voice, deep and baritone, answered his question. They chatted for a while, he asked Michael to introduce him to his mother and sister, so they can become friends. Michael was taught not to speak to strangers; this man reminded him of his grandfather who passed away. He missed him very much. Let his guard down, heard his mom calling his name and the joyous laughter of his twin sister. Shrugged his shoulders and held out his hand to the elderly gentleman, they clasped hands and walked towards his family. As the elderly man came closer to the mom and sister, a bright light, an aura shined off him, it enclosed the family, swirling rainbow colors spied around them as if a wind storm was blowing. It built in intensity and turned into a twirling vortex, spinning faster and faster around the family, in the midst they heard a voice yelling, Eileen Sam's wife was searching frantically for the family, fighting the wild strange storm that came out of nowhere. Eerily quiet and now a lashing storm whipped her around as a broken rag doll. She fought the winds searching for them held tightly to her babies, Iris and Hope, two girls, two years apart. Hope was born prematurely and was so sick was held in ICU for a few weeks until her lungs were strong enough to breathe on her own. Iris became Hope's big sister but her protector too. Jim's family trapped in the vortex, spinning farther away from their neighborhood, was terrified of the event, of flying in the middle of a vortex, scrambling to grab something to stop moving. Mom snatched her two precious babies, prayed a silent prayer. She held tightly to the twins. She watched as her friend frantically searched for them. Eileen observed out of the lashing rains an elderly man walked towards her and the children. His crystal blue eyes stared straight at her, piercing her inner soul. He walked towards and with his heavy accent he commands her to hand over the keys to her friend's van. His voice embraced and hypnotized her to automatically hand over the keys. He touched her and the two children lightly on the forehead theirs eyes became overwhelmed with exhaustion and all crumpled towards his strong arms. He gathered and carried them to a large lounge chair on Sam’s covered deck gently placing her with Sam's children in it. He looked upon the sleeping family, admired their strength, and compassion for others. Eileen fought against the harsh elements to seek her best friend and her children. He placed a coverlet over them. Enjoying the solitude, he heard their reassuring snoozes, relieved all was fine; both families safe for now and with his hand weaved a protection spell over all. To safety protected them he raised his hand, flicked his wrist and Sam’s family was surrounded by a billowing cloud not soft to the touch. It was more of a protection wall to shield them against external dangers. When he walked to the front of the house, he observed the unmarked van and goons dressed in black across the way. They were shaking their heads, he heard with his sonic hearing, they were upset they loss the targets, reported they just disappear into thin air”. The storm was too wicked; they need to cancel surveillance until the weather clears. He overheard the one on the phone states “Does not appear if families will be traveling any further tonight, I pulled their spark plugs out. Operation was to be rescheduled. “Yes, the explosions are in place, set to go off so when wheel bearings are triggered, the vehicle will crash with occupants inside, into hide-out as planned, to be snuffed out and send a final warning to the annoying troublemakers”. Satisfied of their agenda to continue their operation Elimination, after the storm cleared the spies loaded their equipment and departed from the neighborhood, headed back to headquarters. As they drove, the work van the wheel bearings broke mysterious and the steering became hazardous. The spies inside experts as drivers, try everything, to stop the van colliding. Veering around traffic put it into neutral, nothing work. It as if an invisible force were directing the van’s course. It drove around a sharp curve and collided with a Mack truck and the force of the hit pushed the van and the spies through a barrier and it careen through a mountain guard railing, falling down into the ravine exploding on impact. The occupants and van burst into flames, all burnt to ashes. The High Council did not want to do this disastrously action but Karma was their calling. They reap what they sown. The guardian walked back into the lashing rainstorm, he passed through a veil and entered the spinning vortex. He became larger in size as if he were an arch angel. He gathered the frightened family into his strong arms and guided them to a higher plane, to be safety guarded from their unknown enemies of the lower primitive plane, an unstable spiritual dimension where Evil vs. Good forces. After the family were settled in their temporary residence and asleep, the guardian went to finished his assignment. The guardian looked down upon the lower dimension, locate the family van, flicked his wrist, and the key turned the ignition on. The van started up and drove straight to the cabin. He arranged for it to drive straight into the cabin, the impact of the slam set off the explosions. Shatter the wooden cabin to pieces and it became hot kindle, sparks flew everywhere. This was done, so the Elite would be fooled in thinking their bounty hunters accomplished their mission and eliminated the troublemakers. The guardian did not want to hurt the husbands, let them think their families were also murder in the explosion. But, for them to understand what forces they were fighting, not just human but spiritual, good vs. evil, they would need to suffer emotional turmoil, and be broken to be renewal into new beings, prepare to become leaders of the future fighters. Sam rounded the corner and saw the burnt cabin before Jim did. He dropped Jim down by the river to scout for firewood. He fell and punched the ground in anger, heart broken, he crumpled down into a heap, sobbing. Jim heard the unearthly cry of anguish from a distance, as he was scouting for fire wood. He dropped the branches ran quickly to the eerily sound, now a haunting echo to see if it was a wounded animal trapped in a bear trap. Sam too weak, overwhelmed with anguish to answer the constant ringing cell phone in his pocket. Jim apprehensive his adrenalin racing, stopped running in mid tracks, observed the scene in front of him. His friend laying on the ground sobbing, wimping. Slow motion, he looked up and saw the destroyed cabin and his burnt out van struck in the doorway of the cabin. He screamed and swore to kill the murdering SOBs when he discovered whom were the despicable culprit(s) behind this act of terrorism was. He heard the ringing of the phone; he bent down to his sobbing friend, lay a hand on his shoulder and pulled the cell phone out of Sam's pocket. Opened it to yell at the caller, be it his commander who placed his family in this danger, or the culprits who did this heinous crime. He pushed the speaker button by accident, the voice on the other end, whispering, raise their voice, "Sam what happened, did they arrived at the cabin? Both men stunned by the lithe of the feminine voice instantly knew that one woman, Eileen did not die in the fire and that his children may be safe too, If she was alive, was there the slightest hope Jim's family, the woman he loved since college and his two imps were also alive? The connection broke, just a busy signal buzzed through the receiver. The two friends scrambled to the burnt out shell of a former cabin. They both in anguish, searched for evidence crying out "Why, why they were innocent victims to be sacrificed for our mission?” The winds started to blow, the trees leaves moved and they heard a quiet voice in their heads, tell them “To Look up in to the skies, beyond to the higher dimension, pleaded for mercy upon your enemies and your wishes will be granted, they all were to be reunited once again. They listened to the baritone voice speak to them. With a question, “Do they understand If the promise was fulfilled, they families come back to them, they would sacrifice their free will to obey what was requested of them? Without hesitation they both fell to their knees and bow their heads to give up their freewill and become soldiers of the knights of The Luminary Forces. Chapter Two The men bowed their heads with eyes closed, heard the commanding voice echoed in their heads. It spoke to them as a concern father would to his children a male tone with authority to both friends at the same time. As they became comfortable with the voice, they at the same time, thought of the name, Jose and this is what they named they unseen visitor. They both realized they could hear the visitor voice at the same time and received the reassurance and were relieved to know that their families were safe, hidden away in a higher dimensional secure location except it was not on their dimension. . As they became more entranced with the voice, they were evaluated to a higher plane of existence. Both thought the realization of unseen dimensions was foreign to them. Yet, as the voice spoke, their minds became more enlightened, they felt and sensed there was more than the one habitat and planet they resided on. Life memories from preconceived states to present human forms flashed behind their closed eyelids. They saw each other's joys and sorrows. Personal events of their own then a vortex appeared spun into their joined mind meld and the memories were switched. Jim observed Sam experiences. Sam observed Jim's experiences, they merged into each other. Both became one unit, reunited as an oneness. Not as separate beings. They realized the human race was not independent units, rather one complete entity that was connected to each other. Some beings more enlightened then others, and some were primitive in their spiritual awareness. The hierarchy structure created to help one another evolved to a higher state of awareness. Each life lesson was a stepping stone to learn what it felt like to experienced anguish events, experience hopeless so painful there was no other option but to struggle through the lashing storms to seek truth and resolution to an incident that would educate a confused individual to seek hope and motivate to change their frustrating circumstances of their existence, one individual at a time. As time progressed on the primitive plane, some beings forget their mission of educating others to evolve to a higher awareness. Most inhabitants became addicted to the glitter and glamour of their primitive plane. The instant gratification and the distractions of the baubles, kept them entertained. . They became empty vessels, disconnected from their higher source, their creator. Became confused as why they existed? What was their purpose and mission? A nagging sensation haunted the residents. It felt very uncomfortable. To escape their confusion they seek distractions, to deny something was missing in their selves. Distractions created supply and demand. Greed, corruption and desire for control, caused a schism in the masses. The residents residing on the planet were disoriented. Some beings moral compasses broken from childhood trauma of primitive parents and loved ones abuse, became disillusioned believing in an unseen supreme being. By disconnecting selves from the positive connection of divine love it opened their minds to dark negative energies who invaded the creatures. These uninvited visitors harassed them and created a false illusion of what the planet’s life was about. Filled their minds with dysfunctional thinking, corrupted these unfortunate visitors, and distorted their beliefs. Weakened them in their convictions pulled them farther from their spiritual source, their creator. When they were vulnerable they negative energies took possession of their vessel’s existence, became imitate with the women and planted seeds of darkness into the female species. This union created a new unnatural generation of children, half- light and half dark beings. ..This exchange shifted the dynamics of power of society to the Have’s and Have Nots. The dark verses. the light adult/children. The Haves believe in abuse of power, corruption and greed, motto: pull yourself up by the bootstraps. The Have Nots were the unfortunate adults or the children who did not believe in the darkness’s views, indigents down on their luck and authority figures who rebel against them, some were cut off from financial resources and did not have any way to survive except live in the wilderness, behind computer screens, or .infiltrate the Have’s society and spy on them. . Thus, this chasm created a diversion of a light and dark society. The light ones who believed in kindness, compassion and loved thy neighbor to ones who believed in greed, corruption and competition, a class warfare. A mentality of Survival for the fittest became the creed of the planet. This view created a class society, of poor and rich. the Haves with financial security vs. The Have Nots without financial security. As time progress and the planet was becoming smaller and smaller. More babies were born, and the older generations were living longer due to advanced technology of healing the physical vessel. The Have Nots became light workers. They developed a mission to protect the weak and deep in their core knew why they were residing on this particular planet at this time for this purpose, desired to complete their mission, evolve and move on to their next destination. The Haves with their deceptive methods became rich and created an Elite society, who operated the banks, and other financial institutions decided the planet was too over populated, and it was time to begin Operation Elimination. The other light residents and higher evolved beings of the universe observed the shift of power occurring on the planet, desired to aid the light workers in their mission to save their lost and confused brothers and sisters, turn them away from the negative influences of dark forces and protect the planet from the wicked enemies. The high personnel of the United Union of Global Freedom met in the higher realm council headquarters and planned to enlist inhabitants of the lower planet to fight the enemies and save humanity from itself . This is where Sam and Jim come in. They would be the perfect leaders to start the revolutionary transformation and take back the control of the planet and its residents. .

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