Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 8 Relaxing BlogFlash (Flashblogging)

Extra Special  or
(Xylem) found an x word, might be my favourite.

Are words but hints of what to do to set aside a quality time to schedule in Relaxing in part of  your day.
Time reading, meditating and rest gives  you energy to get through your day.
It gives you strength to love self and others. Gather for action to help others.
Planting a garden and learning how the word Xylem works, part of nature, connect.
It unites the heart, mind and soul to have ardor for another.
Rest of the mind, body and soul recharges the gift of tender loving care.
Rest and the ideas will flow and a work will be created.
. So schedule a time in your busy day starting  now to relish the wonders of Relaxation.
It will be good for you, your mind, body and soul and all your loved ones.


  1. Nice post. I think more people need to consciously make the time to relax. We assume that it will just happen by itself -- it rarely does.

  2. Hi Daniel, thank you for stopping by and for the compliment, will go check out your blog and post at shared authors, artists and readers page on FB, come on by and have a cold beverage and sit for a while and relax.

  3. I love your response to the prompt! Thank you so much for sharing!