Friday, May 10, 2013

Shah sits down with Chris Dahl May 11, 2013

About the Author
Chris Dahl started his publishing career with Except Education (2006),
which was based on his experiences as a public high school teacher.
He followed that up with two works of fiction,
The Next Revolution (2008) and Michael’s Place (2007), a novella.
Since then he has gotten into darker subjects, such as
Night of the Beast (2011), which investigates a death that is
surrounded by paranormal circumstances.
Currently, he is working on a book about infamous
murderer-pedophile John Couey, The Devil’s Logic,
as well as several other projects based on correspondences
with members of Florida’s Death Row.
He lives and works in Florida. 


Night of the Beast:: A True Paranormal Investigation

March 13, 1977: Robert Dirscherl, respected business man and patriarch, is found bleeding from a shotgun wound in his chest. On his bed is his favorite shotgun, poised among splattered blood. The police hastily ruled suicide. The family was stunned, convinced it was murder. In a letter postmarked March 13, 1993, the family received its first eerie confirmation that their suspicions were correct: “I have AIDS. I am dying. I must make my peace with the Lord. I killed your daddy 15 years ago.  He found me in his bedroom. I had no choice. Please pray for me.” New Orleans on an Amtrak train, 1995, the murdered man’s sister-in-law is approached by a lady who was summoned by the spirit of her dead father to tell the true tale of what happened the morning of March 13, 1977: Robert Dirscherl was murdered. October, 1997, Noreen Renier, noted psychic tells the same tale: Dirscherl was murdered. The case was officially dropped for many mysterious reasons, but psychics – as well as the worldly facts of the case – say the same thing. It was not suicide. It was a killing.  Moreover, there were dark, seedy implications of a young man in the sway of drugs and some larger, malevolent group who was willing to steal and to kill not just for money or thrills – but for some greater satisfaction.

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