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A Gift For My Sister by Ann Pearlman

A Gift for My Sister

A Gift For My Sister opens with Sky, a lawyer, as a little girl reminiscing about her childhood and losing her father at the tender age of seven and has to walk the life path pretending it did not shatter her world, for everyone around her treated her as a disease and she is contagious .

The character Sky deeply grieving in her sorrow thinks of her father, his sudden death and like a windy storm her life's path was changed with surprises and personal trials.

First she had to accept a step sister who replaced her only child status away in momma's heart she became lost and she was left to fend for herself.  She is traveling through life as a discarded broken vessel which leads her to make impulsive choices. Such as a love affair at a tender age, of eight grade and become a young mother to sweet Rachael too early in her life. And has a child born out of commitment to the only refugee holding her safe in the blowing unpredictable winds of her life, her man Tory.

 Another personal storms lashing at Sky to add to the sorrowful agony she has experienced, she loses her BFF, Mia to an unexpected death and the storms keep pouring as other tragedies occurred which were so painful and soul searing this reader used a box of Kleenex to finished the tumult and haunting story of the two sisters finding themselves in the midst of obstacles on the path of traveling life and reminiscing with elegant pose about their past to present and what the futures holds..

This story revolves around two half-sisters, Sky the older one and a lawyer and Tara the younger one, a promising rap singer and they are divided from the beginning of their existence and are fateful to come together in unity at the end of this inspiring read to discover their selves and the theme of forgiveness with a an renewal of their sisterhood.

Their union is a stormy and tender relationship. The younger sister Tara is a rap singer on the rise to become a superstar, has her man Aaron and sweet baby Levy yet has her own insecurities, her father walked on the family and the girls’ mother became distant and did not have faith in men.

The younger sister Tara is involved with a rap group, her baby is Levy and described as if he is real and squeezable, and all the children in the story are delightful toddlers and add humor to it.
Sky speaks about the pain of losing her best friend and the intensity pours out of the pages and she is trying to function through the darkness sharing her private thoughts of her daily life.  As the plot continues there are more personal trials that come like a wicked thunderstorm and kept pounding upon them. The major infliction was connected to the everyone has a moment in their lives when lightning strikes and you are alerted to the most shattering news a living person receives about someone close to you is in trouble or deceased and you look at the clock, remembering that exact moment as it is etched deep into the cervices of the core of our being.

In this story the clock stops at 3:42 a.m., for Sky this was her point of no return or healing after absorbing the reality of the truth.

Once again the storms rolls in and captures her in its grips and she has to struggle to come up for air or give up and let the deep slumber of defeat swallow her up leaving all behind.  
The author is able to switch between characters, from the two sisters, the men in their lives, and others with an easy reading flow.

The author adds expressive details and speaks of the characters as they were her actual family and friends, he chapters about the younger sister Tara and her husband Aaron and their baby Levy is written with intensity and depth of poetic language of the deepest emotions of what ones hides but does not voiced out loud about fear, jealous and other sensitive topics. Tara and her family give the reader a glimpse in the highs and lows about the rise to fame as rap singers, the divorce of her mom and husband and the abandonment she felt when her dad walked out on the family and the resentment she held for Sky the apple of mom’s eye.

She is hurt by the abandonment of her father and meeting her new step mom, and other issues yet to be able to cherish the little gifts in life and tries to balance the past and present with her music and acceptance and forgiveness and have no regrets. She is this reader’s hero because the silent treatment from her dad made her cunning and she got her justice in a sweet way, he the father should be responsible for her dreams and she took it upon herself to earn them with or with-out his assistance. Showing strength and becoming an independent strong woman. This action was the start of her music career with a purchase of an instrument...

Back to Sky, she is having flashbacks like lighting in a storm then the thunder is loud, for another tragedy bolts her into a harsh reality that everything she cherishes is about to go under an attack as her personal life goes through a cyclone of terrifying speed, out of control. 
This story is sentimental, full of agony and conflict.

As it continues it speaks of deadly medical conditions and what happens to Sky and the one she loves with every ounce of her being.

The storms are raging yet the author has the characters hold on tight to hope, as they are drowning in all the emotional, physically and spiritual battles each face in their own way and described their insight of a lesson learned.

An event that crushes  Sky’s world has Tara deciding to put the bitterness aside to come to a compromise and step up to be a caretaker to her sister Sky, yet the jealous, resentment  and anger lies under the surface under the surface, like a volcano and is about to explode.

For the two step sisters are walking a fragile line of caring or distancing from each other due to conflicts they can't not get pass.  The tension in the plot, between the two you could cut with a knife.
To add to the mix, Tara is traveling with her homies her band, and they are like family to her and now her sister and Rachael are accepted.

They travelled across the states to arrive at their next schedule show, in between stopping at tourist sites and other places of interest which all contribute to the rumbling volcano waiting for a release valve.

This book is about life's hardships and two half-sisters Sky, a lawyer and Tara, a rap star who were estrange until the lighting of tragedy strikes one and they both come together in grief to rebuild their broken relationship and to remember all they lost to come to know each other deeply and repair their broken bond and find their role in their large and extended family.

During the roller coaster ride they call life there were lost and found and learn lessons and gain a deep bond of insight and understanding about each other, their past and what to enjoy in their future as they journey divided then together in their paths of self-discovery and forgiveness

This reader desires to include some writing of this insightful life tapestry of the two half-sisters and had their struggles and acceptance was a gift to a sister.

"I consider the luck of simply being born, of being plucked out of the cosmos and bestowed with eyes to see, and nerves to feel, and ears to hear. Our senses. Our speech. Our breath. How crucial and insistent our ceaseless moving lungs from our first cry to our last." to find out more about this amazing story and the promotion for reviewers. 

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