Saturday, September 29, 2012

Happy Saturday from LEN and Humpty Dumpty

Happy Saturday from New York, it is 8 am in the morning here, I went to bed at 3 a.m., and my cat is living up to her name Mischievous Mischief and is meowing to be feed. So I groggily get out of bed, stumbled into the kitchen, opened the smelly cat food and scoop it on her plate and refilled her water bowl. I heard her sloppily eating as if she is a starving refugee. Her black silky petite figure is becoming fatter than a hog these past weeks as she is meowing to be feed more than once a day. So I skipped a day here and there to prevent an obese petite waddling cat from tripping me in the night on my way to the bathroom. You can imagine the scene in your head if I tripped over her, bang my head on the tub edge, a bloody mess like a crushed pumpkin head or a contusion. Should I take a poll, nah too scared of the truth, lol.

The muse was playing in my head, with the theme Humpty Dumpty sat on Wall, Humpty Dumpty fell and crackled his head and all the kings’ men and horse could not put him back together again. something like that, I will have to look up the whole nursery rhythm to complete the phrase. Below is a version of Edgar Allen Poe's video of HD's tale. 

Well anyway at 8 a.m, I asked my dazed brain,” Why my fingers are tapping on the keyboard this morning?” OH yeah, to get a promotion out. First let me begin with I been labelled the Sybil of writing. On some days I experienced brain fog that encases my lobe in a thick pea soup and can not write a sentences, and on others many personalities come out of me when writing a review or a short fictional piece and it amazes me what the muse can create. Some authors call them inspiration and enlightening and declared that I am a psychic who could captured an author's deepest thoughts and write them into an in-depth review or created my own short fantasy stories and shared them with readers to enriched their lives.

 Other days, my Sybil writing had me labelled "Hey lady you need a lobotomy, where did you get your writing license, out of a box of Cracker Jacks?", and other colourful remarks. I am a dabbling writer and have helped others with their editing and no credit due have disappeared into the darkness never to be heard from again and let the light shine on the creative artists climbing to the ladder to the top. And observed from the sidelines their accomplishments and wished them all the best. I had created trailers and promote events on a Facebook page and assisted many artists and had an enjoyable journey and met some awesome as well as some very snarly individuals, but it all it has been a wild ride and I have no regrets. If the sun rises tomorrow I will be looking for another adventure to attain and assist another struggling author and artist on their road to riches and fame, but this blog is not about me.

Well anyway enough about this dabbing Sybil writer with the cracked head, I am here to introduce a young inspiring editor, Laura Martinez, who is looking to break into the shark infested waters of writing, Laura Martinez. I met her through Ditter The Great,  Like Exchange and am very pleased with her professionalism and prompt response to replies about her venture. I decided to take her under my wing and created a blog with her input of course, under MTMC2 umbrella, Laura's Editing Nook, and now as of last night we held a Catchy Phrase Contest as an event on Facebook from Friday September 28-October 7th, 2012.  She is seeking a Catchy Phrase for her venture Laura's Editing Nook and the winner will receive 1//2 price off their first manuscript.

Her fees are reasonable and she is willing to negotiate a reasonable price and have a quick turnaround that will benefit the daring writer. So what do you have to lose, besides a lung or many nights of no sleep, to release your baby into her hands to be edited? Come on if she can forged through Sybil Cat's writing, at 1 a.m. NY time and ask a silly question and we can laugh over it, for my writing is considered like a rube's cube, mystifying and frustrating, and she is wrangling it up into a book it and turning into a dream, what harm could she do to yours?.

“The best part, she is willing to preview your first chapter free and turn it into a clean MS and wait for your approval or critique so you and her could build a professional editing bond and for a very reasonable rate no less, you have no more excuses and the holidays are around the corner. Think of the delight letting your loved ones know you took a risk and now have a book on Amazon and Smashwords. Com and claim the title of published author, but first have other preview your work, format the MS, make your cover, your blurb and connect to you readers and social media out there, and studied everything you can to make a clean and presentable product. 

After all, just your reputation is riding on it. Your book could be reaching for the highest mountain or become a runaway train falling on the broken tracks down into the abyss of darker murky waters never to be seen again, so beware of impulsive publishing.  I know for about instant gratification and not doing my homework. Consequences,   I am expert of being on the track speeding to a slow death and now that’s why I have LEN in my corner, “Hey we learn as we travelled on the bumpy road of life.”

A good site to go to is Indies Unlimited,  they are the experts like the Wizard of OZ with their teasing and taunting techniques to get you on the road to success. Or you readers out there, who have a paper to be written, LEN is here to come to your rescue as the professor or boss is breathing down your neck to hand in that assignment.

Do not have regrets, "I should've, could’ve of, dust off the sleeping brain and let the muse come out and play and first have him or her create a catchy phrase for Laura's Editing Nook.  Picture yourself, your name in the limelight, on the Internet, and if your work is a bomb or a success, people will be talking about you and your book if not in the year of 2012 definitely 2013. The countdown to December 21th, 2012 is coming, had you made your last dying wish," I wish I contact LEN and have her edited my manuscript."  Don't wait "Look through the LENS of your future and have Laura make your dreams come true, and go to bed to awake with a published book to your name and without a pesky cat meowing at you, who I would not sell for a million dollars, maybe if JK Rowe’s offered me a deal, nah, as you pay forward to help a young editor realized her dreams too.

Follow the blue link and discover more about a dream to come true.  Who knows you might be the next author in your genre to be on the Top Best Seller’s List, wish you all the good you deserve, get off your &*$ and mossy over to LEN’s link and kick start your dream, her tapping fingers are awaiting.

Comedic of nursery rhythms

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