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Be in the Spotlight with Gabriel Rheaume March 14, 2013

In the Spotlight March 14, 2013   Come one, Come all, and preview the links below to see inside this amazing story and see if it calls to you, read me.

Gabriel Rheaume  

Author of The Shores We Walk


I am 30 years old, a graduate of Wayne State University. I grew up in a small town in "The Thumb" of Michigan, but moved to Midtown, Detroit, to go to college. I changed my major numerous times, but focused on literature, Spanish  and Africana studies. I was an idealistic lad whom attended many anti-war marches, Anti-racist Action demonstrations, and participated in Food Not Bombs. 

During my college years a lot of turmoil came into my life that inspired "The Shores We Walk", particularly, the suicide of my girlfriend, leading to my personal struggle with heroin and alcohol, the over-dose and death of my best friend in my apartment, mixed with other mishaps of love and drugs. I have since gotten of drugs and alcohol after attending four rehabs, jail, and a place called Comunita Cenacolo. Cenacolo is a Catholic sober living commune ran by recovering drugs addicts living with the principles of poverty, humility, and charity, with the belief system that prayer and work are the essentials of life. With non of these places working for me, I continued to spiral downwards until I found myself rock bottom in New Orleans, shunned by my family, bridges burned with my friends, and clothing putrid from sleeping in squat houses, where humans use the floor as a toilet. 
I am currently living in the beautiful and historic city Port Huron, in Michigan's Blue Water Area. I enjoy my time playing the ukulele and watching old horror movies.

I enjoy listening to any type of music that I feel has integrity. I mainly like punk rock, but also enjoy folk, soul, outlaw country, and grundge. I really like the jug bands that play on the streets of New Orleans, creating that old-time sound with fiddles, tub bass, the washboard, and guitar. Right now I listen mostly to The Grateful Dead.

Grateful Dead - Shakedown Street (Studio Version)

Grateful Dead - Eyes of the World (Studio Version)

Top Tracks for the Grateful Dead

Paperback available worldwide, just search Amazon:


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Reader Review: This is an epic tale of a young mans struggle between himself, the world, temptation, and addiction. It brings to life the feelings and surroundings of the author. It drags you in as though you were living right along side him and, before you know it, you feel as though you have an intimate relationship with author and his counterparts. This book is an insightful and informational view of inner city living and the meer struggles sine have to live day to day. A great read. I read it straight through without taking any breaks. The way it is written is comparable to a Tarentino movie, not necessarily in chronological order, and when switching stories leaves you begging for more, only to be unfolded later on in the book. Great book from beginning to end.

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