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Be in the Spotlight with Author Doug Lucas March 7, 2013  March 7th, 2013 Be in the Spotlight with

                                                       Author Doug Lucas

The Good Servant
Each of us has hidden parts of ourselves that we seldom share with even the ones we love the most. These are karmic pieces of ourselves which are a very real part of who we were and what we became.
Elijah B. Connors is no exception, but he is and enigma. He went from being an angry young child, to a Marine serving in Vietnam and then became the pastor of a small church. All knew some of Eli, but none knew all. He is a very private man who only wanted to serve his God and community.
When Eli finds he is dying, he realizes he has hidden a very large part of the what which made him the who he became. In an effort to answer some of the questions asked by his family over the years, he writes a book. Eli also does the one thing he would never do before he found out he was dying…he tells war stories.
Eli tries to answer the questions he'd greeted with silence when they were asked by his wife and children. In so doing he shares a special time and place he'd hidden in his heart. Eli shows his family a small glimpse of the joys and sorrows of a very special time in his life.
Eli was a Marine and unashamed of his service to his country. Eli became a Pastor who wouldn't speak to some of his fellow ministers. He is a man who loved his family deeply.
But mostly Eli is an enigma that can only be understood by reading his book.

A stroll through an old cemetery will reveal very little about the people buried there. Their headstones will whisper of lost father, wife, or child…but those headstones don't reveal the lives those men and women led. Even our National heroes are lucky to have more than one or two of their life's accomplishments inscribed on their markers for future generations to marvel at.
Cemeteries are filled with forgotten people who once led lives rich with…or empty of the joys just being alive creates. Once we are dead and gone, our lives fade into small morsels of oral history fading totally from memory as each generation join those who have gone before.

What would those forgotten souls tell us if they could talk? Conversations With a Dead Man answers some of those questions from a dead man's point of view…meet John Wesley Elder. Spend some time with him as he shares the simple life he lived and allows you to glimpse the times he lived in. John's life will come alive for you as he tells you of his loves, successes and failures during the time he was alive.

You'll come to understand that even though he's dead, John still has a few quirks in his personality, one huge aggravation in his death…and one great sorrow he can do nothing about. He makes you understand he's much the same as you or I…ordinary men and women who live, love and build the best lives we can for ourselves before we fade from memory.

So spend some time chatting with John, as you lean against the coolness of his headstone and meet the people who filled John's life with his memories. Chat with a Dead Man…you listen…he'll talk.

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