Sunday, February 3, 2013

Authors to read for a lazy Sunday

Today is Sunday, February 3rd, a light snow covers the landscape here.

A twinge of bronchitis is trying to grip me, thus it is time to cancelled plans, get cozy under the covers and drink honey tea and rest. The restless spirit cannot sleep, pulled out the kindle and with the finger flick through tbr file.

Stop at an attractive cover of a romantic lure; Best Laid Plans. By Elaine Raco Chase, open to the first page and found my soothing distraction.

It starts with an ambitious young woman orchestrating a cancer fund raiser as a fashion designer of the setting of New Orleans. She flashes back in time and had plans to be the best fashion designer of NY and Paris and planned to owed her own boutique in eight years, and now her dreams were achieved.

He, her best friend come to visits her to offer her attractive proposition. They thought back of the memories when they attended NYU and when she was she is team up with her orientation buddy and he is a hard headed Texan who was studying to be a lawyer. Through the tumult bonding of college, they discover a safe harbour in each other company through the college and lives woes.

They lost touch with each other as their lives become busy and yet know with insight when they  need each other, and come back together. This time the friend is be her life line. The plot is set in elegant scenery of NY, Paris, New Orleans and Texas.

The author has the touch of written details, to be attractive and descriptive of the surrounding, and culture and traditions of each location, it is like you are sitting in a cafe in Paris or New Orleans, and enjoying that latte and watching the artists and others enjoying life. Witness their interactions as they are discussing personal issues among old friends. The reader becomes caught in their memories, of the talented fashion designer and the lawyer and their life experiences and their possible destiny or not.
She is at a cross-road and in a rut; he, her best friend comes to her rescue and offers to swift her away to his ranch for a month. 

Yet there are twists, as he realizes she is no longer his adopted sister, she has mature in more ways than he thought, he discover a mystery woman on this visit, and with insight, thought this may be the woman of his dreams. He is in a query, as how to change his bond with her, at the same time, the author is hinting they will be competition, of another suitor and he as a best friend or possibly more will need to express his hidden emotions and make a choice or lose her.

Check out this author's, link below she has many surprises waiting for readers. 

Also the Twin by  R. M. Elliott is a FBI cold case with many twists, and has a snarly investigator with a sense of humour  was an entertaining story and drives the reader through many conflicts, with a hint of romance.

The author has written an intriguing plot, fill with thievery, to blackmail to sabotage to murder, and the surprising conclusion was not expected.  This reader definitely recommends this book too for a lazy Sunday, as well as the others he has published.


Rue Volley is a rising author, and she writes in many genres, from vampires, other supernatural creatures and intense suspense. An erotic, fantasy and spiritual style and her books are amazing and very good distraction reading for a recovering fan.

Wish all a peaceful day. 

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