Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Eileen Marie Seltenrych, author, wonderful person and mentor helping with soon release anthologies.

Author, editor and all around wonderful person to know. 

Eileen Marie Sentenrych bio

I truly enjoy writing stories. As a child I loved telling tall tales and frightening my sisters and brothers.
I even bribed my sister to tickle my feet and I would tell her a scary story at night.
From then on I loved creating and I want to create great stories for the whole world.
I gained some fame as an actress in Dublin in the late 60's and early 70's. Came by ship to Australia
(legal boat person).
Had a successful time in Sydney, met and married Henry, moved around Australia.
It's such a wonderful country, so free and easy.
We took opportunities that came along the way, had two kids, a shop and a campervan.
Finally settled in Queensland and ten years ago I published my first children's book,
The Gum Tree Gang. Since then I have written my adult novel,
a second Gum Tree Gang book, have edited others' books. Written devotionals,
helpful books on sermons, written ebooks.
Recently I published a Prophecy book, Herod, the Eighth: the Beast's Underbelly.
My latest publication is Runaway Princesses, which includes loads of original artistic
pictures to tell the story to smaller children who may not be able to read.
It is so beautiful to hold as a hard copy that I just thank CreateSpace for their great work
in the printing department.
The colours are perfect and the story is excellent; everyone loves it, the kids adore the characters
and I just feel great when I read it. You will love it too.

As of May 201, she is the editor assistant of two anthologies, April Rains and United We Stand, the strength behind the scenes of helping with bringing these books to life, with Cynthia Meyers Hanson both who were guiding lights in the creation of these two loving gifts.



Marie is her own editor and publisher and has many inspiring books available to enlightening one's mind, heart and soul.

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