Friday, November 2, 2012

Flash Five Friday- Generosity 11/2/12

Generosity is a warm light deep within one's vessel, in a place some called the soul, others the heart, it is a giving of something, doing an action and not accepting credit for it. It is a giving of one’ self, to make a sacrifice for the comfort of another. It is to reach out to another in times of joy or sorrow. It is the ping of one's heart breaking when something bad happens to another.  Like when the television flashes pictures of the victims caught in unforeseen events and lost something of valuable to them.  The heart feels for another and desires to help them feel safe and secure again. A gratitude for what you have and need to share with another.  It is an honour to assist another to achieve an objective, a goal or solved a dilemma, to be generous and bring about a smile or a sigh of relief upon the lost soul. Generosity starts at home. Such it should for the victims of the North-Eastern coast of the tri-states to the coast down to the Carolinas and below. 

The lands affected by the storm of Sandy. Now it is the aftermath, and there is so much devastation and heart wrenching sorrow for they have lost everything, their homes, their cars, the clothing on their back and eating out of dumpsters to fill their starving stomachs. So when you take for granted your warm house, water and food in the working refrigerator, lights to guide your way through the darkness and  the reassurance of heat to keep you warm, think of the victims of Sandy and be generous with donations to Red Cross or go and help someone in need. Keep the flame of Hope Alive....Generosity lives on in each of us. 

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