Friday, March 15, 2013

Be in the Spotlight with Robert Rumery, author and comic writer March 15th

Be in the Spotlight with Robert Rumery, author and comic writer 7-8 pm Atlantic time, check event timeline and watch the newsfeed. In the Spotlight host by Shah Fazli,

About Robert

Robert Rumery is a poet and writer living in Connecticut. He relocated there from Milo, Maine four years ago. Robert grew up in the small, rural town of Milo, graduating high school in 2003. He has always had a keen interest in books, especially those of his favorite author, Stephen King. Robert’s love for King’s work began in childhood and drew him to his love of horror. Robert has always been intrigued by writing. A big fan of super heroes and comic book-style writing, he enjoys creating worlds in his mind and putting them into words. Also a big fan of poetry, Robert has also published a book of poetry, which encouraged him to write his first fiction. In addition to long hours spent writing, Robert has gathered a full team of supportive people around him, as well as taking part in a strong, creative writing community on Facebook. When he isn’t writing, he enjoys hanging out with his family, especially his adorable, four-year-old sister.

Hey, friends and support artists and go buy The Grove, the comic that Robert Rumery and I are creating and bringing to you...thanks :)

The Grove has been picked up by What The Flux Comics!

Big news in the comic world.  Mine and Matthew Nelson’s Comic has been picked up by What The Flux Comics. Expect a release soon. No ETA on the release of the comic yet. I’ll keep you posted though! :D

Government Riots at a level that threatens the very fundamentals of society occur. The Government is believed to engaging in activities that are less then scrupulous. When the truth is revealed, riots occur all throughout the United States, with one of the main centers occurring is the state of Florida. The rioters, it is
rumored, are being funded by eco terrorists, and as an end result, a nuclear bomb is dropped on Florida, upon American soil. The side-affects of this are too many to count.
As a result of the nuclear arsenal being used, the humans that were still within the state were genetically mutated into cunning, monstrous savages. One of the main riots occurred at a genetics lab that tested on animals. In the fallout, thousands of genetically altered animals, all of which possess human cognition, escaped and found safety within the confines of the altered Okefenokee swamp, which was enlarged many times over.
And so, the struggle begins…

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