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Be in the Spotlight with Emeke Nwaoboli-Nigeria March 17, 2013 check the timeline in the event, it is apprx, 12:00 pm Altantic time. Check the newsfeed and welcome another International Poet from Nigeria.  Come one come all to Be in the Spotlight. 

About Emeke Nwaoboli  - dream a united Nigeria. 

Emeke Nwaoboli is a young and passionate African writer. Born and bred in the prestigeous home of Delta-State. He is a creative writer and a poet.
Currently, he has written three novels and a volume of poem (though unpublished), and he is one of the co-authors of SUNSET AT MID-DAY: AN ANTHOLOGY OF YOUNG NIGERIAN POETS.
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New year day is always a day of thanksgiving and celebration, but it turned to sorrow and regrets in the house of Mr. Ikechukwu. Eyes that witnessed the horrible incident cried bitterly. It was so traumatic that even his enemies tried to rescue him.
It happened on the 1st of January, 2012. It was on sunday, and most people were in the church to praise and magnify God.
Mr. Ikechukwu and his family prepared for church, but as they were about to go, his wife remembered that the chicken they had bought for the new year had died earlier in the morning. She also remembered that her elder sister and her kids promised to visit her that morning, so she decided to remain at home and wait for the visitors.
The children were so happy to hear this, as they gallantly relaxed and thanked God that they would be staying at home with their mum. As they say, “whom the devil wants to kill, he first makes blind”. The children rejoiced foolishly, not knowing the tragedy that would befall on them.
This scenario confused Mr. Ikechukwu, his two daughters had decided not to go to church on a new year day, and his two sons insisted that they would attend the church service.
He tried to cajole them to remain at home, but one of them wouldn’t agree.
“It is better you remain at home because the pastor received a letter from these terrorists called ‘bokoharam’, saying that they would be coming to bomb our church today”, he told them.
“Jesus Christ!” one of his sons named John exclaimed. “I do not want to die; I will remain at home and help daddy to butcher the chicken”, he said.
“I am not afraid of he that can kill the flesh, but can not kill the spirit”, Ernest, his first son quoted. “Even if I die”, he continued, “I will not regret it, because I died in the presence of God. After all, death is inevitable”, he concluded.
“Nwa fada”, his father taunted him. “You are always preaching as if Christ is coming today.
Anyway, I can not restrict you from attending the church service. Your mother will drop you at the church, while she goes to the market to buy the New year chicken”.
“Thank you papa”, Ernest replied as he hopped into the car, and her mother cruised away.
Few minutes later, the expected visitors arrived. It was Adanma’s elder sister with her four little kids. Their mother, Adaugo bought many packets of banger for all the children and told them to find a matches in the kitchen. As they were looking for the matchbox, PHCN ceased the light, and Mr. Ikechukwu decided to switch on the generator.
Unfortunately, there was no fuel. He brought the one he had stored in a container and started to fill up the generator. It was not far from the kitchen, and all the kids were there, looking for the matchbox to ignite their banger. Soon, they found one and asked Jennifer, the youngest among them to shoot her own first. John told her that once he lights it, she should throw it away.
Sorrowfully, Jennifer threw the banger on her uncle who was busy filling the generator tank. Pronto, the container of fuel caught fire and both Mr. Ikechukwu and the generator were on fire.
“Jesus! Jesus!” he screamed as he threw away the container of fuel . Unknown to him, he threw it inside the kitchen where they kept their gas cylinder. It was really pathetic as the gas fed the fire and the seven children in the kitchen caught fire.
Adaugo did not notice this; she was busy listening to the music on her phone. She had increased it to the highest volume, such that she could not hear the kids screaming.
In no long time, smoke engulfed the room where she was, and this puzzled her greatly. She removed the earphone and heard the kids crying out for help.
“Jennifer, Junior, Samuel, Ekene”, she called them respectively as she opened the door. Shockingly, the parlour was ablaze. The furnitures and fittings were all burning. She ran back to the room and tried to jump out from the window, but they had iron protectors which she could not destroy inorder to escape the burning flames.
“Help! Help!” she shouted as the fire walked into the room gradually. She was in a dilemma; she could not run outside through the fire, neither was she ready to wait for it to consume her.
Nevertheless, she had to take a decision. Dreadfully, she took the courage to run through the fire, but before she could locate the door, her clothes were on fire. The neighbours who could not help but watch the burning flames took her to the hospital. One of the on-lookers called Adanma. When she heard the horrible news, she lost control of the sterry and had an accident.
Road safety officers took her to the hospital and they also called the fire fighters.
Oh! How pathetic this was on a new year day. Before the fire could be quenched, Mr. Ikechukwu and all the kids had been burnt like yams.
Ernest returned from the church to see his dad and siblings roasted. He cried out blood, but his tears did not change anything.
(C) Emeke Nwaoboli 2013


Girls with lipsticks,
They carry it like chewing stick
Painting fingers with curtex
As if going on a contest.

Multiple ear rings everywhere
Many holes on one ear.
Their eyes painted with mascara
Like people who have been massacred.

Many funny things they do
And carry mirrors everywhere to look.
Some take days to plait hair
Even when the hair is not fair.

Money spent on foreign hair
Children sit and learn this well.
No wonder when you see them dress,
They carry mirror to check their face and waist.

(C) Emeke Nwaoboli 2013

What a touching story!

Read this traumatic tale and be motivated. Just click on the link below

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