Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wavie Green shares moments from her life author of Through the Storms HE Performs

Wavie Green shares moments from her life in some personal words from her book’s introduction:
Even before my birth, God designed a plan for my life. He precisely cut the puzzle shapes and pieces, so they fit correctly into my life.  He guided my path even as my own ideas, a product of my ‘free will,’ took shape.  He mapped it out selecting a good route for me to take because the Father knows best.  
All the time, the pieces to my life’s puzzle arrived in predestine time and order…. 
Before my near fatal car accident, I thought my life contained all the good things that God wanted and provided for me.  My marriage was strong (even after enduring the accident’s fallout).  My life was filled with two loving, beautiful girls and a baby on the way.  Church and God were traditionally attended giving me the delusion that my life could not get any better than the moments before the collision.  In that moment, in that car accident, and during that storm- I learned about the incompleteness of my life and to totally rely on God’s better judgment because His plan arrives perfect, with all the puzzle pieces set to fall into place.  However, if I used my will rearranging parts of the design, my soul discovered nothing fit right. 
Eventually, as I messed up, my spirit gave in to the Creator’s Will.  When my logic let go of the reins, God reigned fairly. From the beginning events, a task seemed more bearable with His guidance.  God never guaranteed a life without heartache; He did promise assistance from His Holy Spirit, the comforter. God is with me and you in all circumstances.   It’s like the poem Footprints says- it is when hard times hit and your soul falters that God picks you up and carries you to the next destination on the road of life.
Meanwhile, the more you go through in life, the more you mature and grow in faith.  As this book reveals, I trust and believe in Jesus now more than ever.  Even though before my car crash, my spirit was God fearing; my soul had stalled satisfied in the delusion or idea that I had it all.  With my logic, my being thought my life blossomed perfectly through my career, husband, children, family, and church life.  After the vehicle mishap, my mind realized the only perfect thing in my life was God.  My reliance centered on Him rather than humans in my circle after this life changing event.  Plus, people make mistakes letting you down but the Master never fails to provide.
You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it. (John 14:14)
When life throws you a curve ball such as my near fatal auto accident, one thing is guaranteed through faith, and it is that God will help you through any tragedy… 
… If we pay attention to our Creator, He can make good things happen in our lives even through adverse times….
As I tell people, my accident is the best thing that ever happened to me.  Either they can continue giving me a puzzled look or find out how the pieces fit together perfectly in His plan. 

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By the Way, Wavie Green donated a revised chapter of her book to the anthology United We Stand because she knows physical disabilities can change your life- forever.  After her car accident, among other things, Wavie had bones to mend, surgeries to endure, a baby on the way, to learn to walk- again, and a witness (book) to write.  Through all her ordeals, the lady kept believing that there are silver linings; people of Boston or in any traumatic situation, she wishes you the strength to find your good news amidst your potentially bad times. Find out more about her recovery as well as her Divine guidance in Through the Storms HE Performs  (Subtitle: Learning to Trust and Believe in JESUS). In her book, she shares her complete recovery from a car accident that require the ‘Jaws of Life’ to free her and left her in a 14 day coma as well as the prognosis that she may never walk, again.    You can read her complete recovery tale @

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