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Shah sits down with Simone Garbutt April 29th, 2013
  •  Simone Garbutt

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    • I am 30 years old, based in York, North Yorkshire, UK but until three years ago I lived in a small town near Blackburn, home of Blackburn Rovers, and worked but ten minutes from the grounds.

    • As a science wiz at school I followed that through to College and University and graduated with a degree with honours in Forensic Science and Criminology though my true passion has always been writing ever since I could string a sentence together.
      At first I created my own fairy tales, then, as a teen, I wrote fan fiction for my favourite TV shows and then slowly they grew in levels of complexity and I was encouraged by my High School English Teacher Mrs Murphy to continue writing.

    • At the age of 18 I was tested for Dyslexia and it was discovered I had it though not as bad as some and they also found out that I had a slightly higher than average IQ and that it had masked the dyslexia.

    • After completing my degree I stayed at home to look after my mum after she had an accident at work causing spinal damage. I worked at a shop and then a procurement and fulfilment company and three years ago I was made redundant and I moved to York.

    • A little over four years ago I started suffering chronic pain and had, over the years, several misdiagnoses. As a form of escape I began changing my writing focus from fan fiction to independent fictional tales.

    • It started with my first ever completed full length novel, 70,000 words, Twisted Coven, book one of the trilogy, The White Witch Saga. It is still going through re-writes and since I started that my over active brain has created over 80 novel ideas including several book series and some that stand completely alone.

    • I was over the moon last October when Vamptasy Publishing published Red Eyes, a short story in kindle format for the Halloween period.

    • It has given me a boost to finish some of my short novels and I have been working on them in earnest with two book series taking more time than others. Those being Vengeance, book one of the Second Life Series, a fourteen part book series, and Spilt Blood, Book one of the Poisoned by Power series, though I have no idea how many of that series there will be, book two of both are also currently in the planning phase.

    • I am hoping to have them completed and checked in the coming months and start the proof reading process.
      I am also working on something that may be published before the short novels are ready.
      I typically write paranormal thrillers and horror and I am a huge fan of those genres. I loved them after watching Hellraiser II, blame my brother, when I was eight and it’s also connected to my background in forensics and my pagan religion and back ground along with my gothic tendencies and being a second generation medium.

    • My writing is my hobby, my distraction and, in so many ways, my life. I am also an avid gamer and currently play Everquest 2 and that is how I met my husband.

    • It may sound strange but I write under a slightly different name, the only difference is the last name and I use it for my writing, blog and Facebook author page as Young is easier to remember than Garbutt or Singleton.

      Okay, music, I have a guilty secret, I am a huge NKOTB and BSB fan, though in my defence one of the members of NKOTB was in several of the Saw movies so I think its allowed. I also love soft rock, Marilyn Manson (especially sweet dreams from house on haunted hill) along with various other bands and groups. I can listen to all sorts of music and enjoy it.



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