Friday, April 5, 2013

Be in the Spotlight with Maryann M. Johnson April 5th, 2013


    Maryann M Johnson   

    Also a promising artist

    I can just tell you about myself.
    My real name's Mary Ann Ozurumba,
    Johnson will be my pen name.
    I'll be 18 by August.
    I'm Nigerian, hailing from Imo state.

    I write poems and romantic stories since I was 14. I got inspired by a movie 'Popstar' and started writing since. At the moment, I have with me only one complete story 'Lucy' (#1 trilogy of Magic and Love) but i'm still writing the 2nd book- Merlin: Facing the future. And other 2 books TAKEN AWAY and IRRESISTIBLE ATTRACTION.

    I haven't published any because I haven't gotten the support I need. My parents especially. And I'm concentrating on my exams. I like to sing, dance and draw. I love hippop, pop and R&B. Favourite artist Whitney Houston. I've being to Venezuela, Caracas that's why I like and write the American ways. I know I'm talented but my mentor is Nora Roberts. 

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