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Author Julie E. Powell (writes in various genres)

Author Julie Elizabeth Powell, her books, entertainment for all readers of all ages.

Hello everyone. If you haven't guessed by now I have a passion for words and have eleven books published...all thanks to Lulu and Kindle, much hard work and sleepless nights.
My eldest daughter has flown the nest and is married to a man who doesn't mind his mother-in-law though my son is still fluffing his feathers.
My middle child is off on a mysterious adventure, the like of which I can only guess...and tried to do so in my first book, Gone.
I love to read and am looking for ways to double time so to indulge in the mysterious and wonderful and delicious and favourite kind of story.
Writing is my passion, though I enjoy creating hand-crafted cards, jewellery making, scrapbooking, painting, drawing and dabbling in encaustic art whenever I can.
Oh yes, I used to teach or mark exam papers but now concentrate on writing and enjoying my new life, which materialised, as if by a miracle. Though still dislike all those necessary domestic chores that would, for me, be included in the Rings of Hell!
That's it. Thank you to anyone who reads my books...enjoy the flight!
Please note that the Best-seller bound Anthology 3 is by various authors with only one story by me.


Review of Knowing Jack 

Knowing jack by Julie Elizabeth Powell

This was a delight to read, Knowing Jack and his adventures with his little cousin in the woods running from the bad people. His insight and supernatural gift was entertaining. The conflicts and twists were suspenseful. The O's and Ah's kept the story flowing. It was refreshing and the adventure with the chills and hot chocolate, in all it was a cozy read to relax with after shovelling snow. Knowing Jack title fits. Jack was a very insightful and a gifted young man who experienced strange sensations of physical ailments and other symptoms  when trouble was lurking around the corner.  The family decided to go on a brief vacation and the adventures start. 

The plot open with an incidental or accident van almost swiping their travelling car, and he senses the accident before it occurs and was able to alert his dad not to pull out.  Later it was intentional, and Jack sensed high alert of danger and has the responsibility of his little cousin, who he does not like. But as they escape and stay ahead of the bad guys, they cooperate together to survive in the frozen forest, seeking assistance. Together they met many challenges and overcame each one.   

There is a touching hint of the supernatural in this story and that was a definite plus to wrap up this story. This tale was written with such intensity and suspense of entertainment all in one little book.  Once again this author has the uncanny ability to touch a reader’s core and sent chills and pleasure to their brain cells. Hot chocolate and this book was a delightful reprieve from Mr. Snow and shovelling, and I highly recommend it as well as her other books available at and



This author writes in many genres and  have read some of her books, and they are all delightful in their own way, from spiritual to sci-fiction and in-between. So check out her Amazon links and her videos. You will find a treasure to stored in your library.

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