Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stop the Violence, Help the Children, Happy Holidays

Hello everyone, I have been trying to stay out of the social media and resting due to health complications. But alas the tragedy of the Newtown shooting I can not.The senseless brutality of the shooting crime was heart wrenching.  I was surfing and I saw the inspirational poems being written, the one by Tabatha Vargo was so emotional and beyond compassionate. 

She wanted other authors to contribute a poem or works of inspirational hope and comfort. But no one could not. I understand sensitive topic and holidays commitments and such.  Thank you to Rachel E. Kovocs, friend of E.S. Tilton who did not know me but trusted me enough to add her wonderful poem too. That makes three poems, and I am not a poet by any means. So please can we add more and donate to the families the proceeds. 

But alas, my favourite word lately, we can not forget these sweet Angels and Heroes, their are the earth's messengers to stop the violence.   Their names should be of light, peace and love to be carry forth.

I know some have said I have no busy writing, editing and reviewing and I am thinking of closing shop. But this last project is a stepping stone to a brighter tomorrow. I pray that some Indie Authors and others will come forth and add a contribution and this book sees daylight. No names to be mentioned, just expressions of the mind, heart and soul is all I asked. 

It is a draft in the works and I have asked friends to help edit. So for the angels please do not be hardened of the heart and come to their aid for them and their families. If I could do this anonymous I would, but going through publishing it has to have a name of an author.


Also if you could help out another author in your community, Christina Worrell. I am hosting her for a fund raiser for her Super D, Damien, her son. Who is autistic and she is in need of holidays funds for him and his sister to have a wonderful holiday. She is an excellent author. I am reading her books and will do a review before tomorrow hopefully.  It is a Facebook event for the 20th. She may do Tarot reading through email. So come and have some fun, buy her books or just donate and give two lovely children memories to cherish.

Hope to hear from you at the event and that the book We Did Not Die In Vain will see daylight. 

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the wonderful authors, readers and friends. 

Fondly Cat

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