Sunday, December 16, 2012

Authors for Connecticut Victims, a Facebook Event

It is the month of December and there is to be holiday cheer and we are to be gathering together on a special day, a holiday call Christmas. To share our love with one another and exchange gifts. It is sad, unmentionable agony to know there will 26 people, 12 girls, 8 boys and 6 adults who will not be with their loved ones. These are the sweet angels that were taken from the world too early in their promising lives. They became victims of a madman with a machine gun and their lives were extinguished like a bright burning candle. Their beautiful light of their minds, hearts and souls was taken away by evil.

We mourn with all those affected, the families and loved ones who were robbed, and lose their most precious love of their lives. Our eyes are moist and our hearts are breaking. We wish to carry the unfortunate ones emotional pain and help them during this nightmare.

Some authors have seen behind the scenes of what these loving people of the departed need. Funds, services and the most vital ingredient, LOVE. Which is the language of sharing and to collect the funds necessary to pay the cost of burying the departed and the aftermath needs. This is harsh thought yet this is life. So as I was mourning these wonderful parents, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters and the extended families and loved ones, feeling helpless.  I saw the link above, my heart lifted a little and my flame of my soul came alive to gather the strength to let the community know here is a site that is coming to their aid.

Some authors are contributing donations from sells of their books. I know the site is new, I saw that the administrators and bloggers are  arranging through the organization to have their  PayPal Account activate  and other financial assistance methods to be worked out. Update the bottom link is the organization taking care of the donations by the financial avenues.  The other links, are the Facebook event, the blog and the author who wrote the poem masterpiece.  It is awesome for a community to come together to help. Check out the blog of the above links of the Facebook event and blog and you will see some of  the sincere authors who are contributing a percent of their book sales, to raise the funds to show their unity to the families and love ones affected by this.

I will look for the names of the little angels and a beautiful poem to dedicate to the wonderful souls who sacrificed their lives. They should not be forgotten, rather raise up to be heroes and saints. Remember as Messengers to raise the world's consciousness of it is time to stop the violence and unite as one family and spread love not anger.

Thank you to, who created this and made a Facebook event to bring all to one site and spread the love out into the universe.     .The organization who is collecting the funds to donate to the families of the departed angels.

Double check Facebook events, for this organization may be having financial transactions problems to get an update who is accepting donations for the Sandy Hook Families.

A Poem of  Love, thank you to the wonderful author.

Please don’t cry, we’re okay.
We went on a field trip today.
A secret place where there’s fun to be had.
And the principal’s with us, so we won’t be bad.
It’s full of toys and rainbow slides.
Cotton candy and high cloud rides.
A funny zoo full of different things.
I even saw a man with wings.
We’re not alone so don’t you fear.
We’re chaperoned by Jesus here.
It’s really nice so I think I’ll stay.
And hold your spot till your field trip day.
I know Christmas is here and there’s toys to be given.
So please tell Santa that I’m in Heaven.

~Tabatha Vargo

Thank you to the wonderful author who at the moment is working on writing a book and all proceeds to go to this cause. It is a masterpiece, with such a compassionate soul, her other books are probably as excellent. Goggle or go to her Facebook page to learn more about this wonderful woman and author.  

The pictures of the lost, who as promised will soon in a blink of an eye will be unite with their families, for those who have faith. And for those still seeking know that these angels did not die to be forgotten.  There is a message of hope in all tragedy. Their lives will be the candles to light the way to an unknown mystery, but it would be not in vain. Our hearts are breaking and we all send to the affect positive energies and strength to pass through this darkness and found Hope once again

 Thank you for all of the community, authors, readers and others who contribute with their generous heart and bring light to a very dark time. Love, Light and Peace.

Rest in Peace Angels and thank you for being you(s).

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