Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Conspiracy of Angels by Laurence MacNaughton

In the author's words:

"Hopefully not call the cops. That was the last thing he needed, giving the cops an excuse to crawl around his house and find the guns he’d just bought.
She didn’t budge. “I want to know why you started Project Archangel.”

“Project what-what?”

“Don’t play games with me. You’re Jocelyn’s father. You were in charge of the program.”
“Honey, I never been in charge of anything. And that’s a good thing. A guy like me takes charge, things get a habit of turning all screwy.”

Jocelyn's father was in his backyard barbequing ribs and a young stranger a female, Geneva jumped over the fence and accused him of being a scientist that created a dangerous machine. Demanding he is Jocelyn's father and he is an evil scientist, but he may not be the right candidate for this intruder.. They separated as enemies and later in the story cooperated together to achieve the impossible.

She is highly emotionally, stating Project Arch Angel and there is an confrontation and an old television was blown up, a brother going to the hospital and now Jocelyn’s father Mitch is being chased and shot at, someone and something has a vendetta against him, he cannot understand why as he was just released from a five year stunt in jail and has not double cross anyone. He runs to his friends for safety and assistance to find out why he was being targeted by strangers.

Meanwhile the strange visitor Geneva who caused the confrontation escapes is in hiding with alleged friends, with names of arch angels, Michael, Gabe, Raph, all who are not being truthful to her and threatening her life for breaking the alliance and confronting their target before they were ready to seek and destroy the inventors of the murderous device and the results of the projects.

She is torn between helping the targets or be loyal to her lying allies. Receiving flashbacks of when she and Jocelyn met in the past and Geneva was the last one to see Jocelyn alive. She comes to the conclusion that the Arch Angel Project is a dangerous threat and has hurt and plans to hurt more people if it is not stopped.

She is in the midst of a dilemma and has to make quick decisions, which leave her on a path of sacrificing herself or others to rescue the device or escape from the darkness chasing her. She meets up with Jocelyn’s father Mitch and understands there has been a mistake and everything has to be repair before more victims become targets of the mad arch angels and the foes they are fighting. There are enemies coming out of the woodwork to get their hands on this device. They all have their own motives. Geneva and others know that this cannot be hijacked by anyone and it is to be destroyed otherwise the consequences would be fatal.

There is suspense, thrills, twists and conspiracy abound in the story, it is action pack, stimulating and the conclusion totally blew this reader's mind, it was not expected. This is definitely a story that will linger in one's memories after completing the book.

The characters, Mitch, Geneva, the good guys and the bad guys will entertain the reader as the author placed Mitch, Geneva and their friends and foes in tricky predicaments that sent chills up this reviewer and reader's spine. The details were so vivid and descriptive like the person reading could experience every gasp, every held of breath and the sighs as the characters escape within an inch of their lives. The characters are intriguing as they try to stay ahead of the threats that were chasing them with the purpose to eliminate them off the face of the earth.

The poignant conclusion when Mitch sees the realization of the purpose of why and what occur had to be and the emotional tumult he shared with the acceptance of truth created a very powerful conclusion. This book is a stunning masterpiece of creativity. Highly recommend this book for readers who like page turning action with sincere human depth, the creativity of the plot was horrific and breathe taking at the same time. This is definitely an action novel for all ages.


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