Friday, July 20, 2012

Between Light and Dark by Brianna Hawthrone

This author has captures fantasy and sci-fiction and created a creative story about Dragons, others portals, orphan children in line for royalty destinies and heirs of a new kingdom. In their adventures of looking for a kidnap relative to becoming prisoners and escaping from the witch to learning about lessons in dimensions methods and and time changes, and energy transformation. 

They travelled through many suspenseful events, they speak about futuristic technology of how computers once overthrew their visiting dimension and a law was enacted to not have that occur again, to escape their prison they board a flying ship that can bring travel in time and space to and other entertainment is included in this sci-fiction fantasy adventure with a hint of conspiracy threading throughout the pages. 

The details alone compelled this reader to keep turning the pages and wonder what will happen to the orphans during their exciting and dangerous discoveries of their future, pondering who is their ally or foe? Definitely an action pack tale.

    • As a reader I selected this paragraph to sums up part of the story to give you a glimpse into this author's writing style: And where is William?”
      “He is where I was. A strange place called Lumina. I have only returned by accident – honestly I didn't know how to return.”
      “You have been gone so long!”
      “Ah yes, well, you see, we have only experienced… it's hard to explain. I've lived through six days, I think, and William has probably only experienced four. It's really difficult to judge these things lately.”
      “But where have you been?! Where is this 'Lumina'?”
      “When I asked, they said it was at the top of the Universe – they said it was the source of Reality.” The two great dragon heads swing toward each other, it seems as though something quite meaningful passes between them.
      Zah-Ha'Gor asks the next logical question. “Are you now able to move freely between there and here?”
      “Can you bring William?” Puffs voice is urgent.
      “I believe so, yes. I was just about to fetch him, actually.”
      “Please do so. We will wait.”
      Again I concentrate on my jewel, feeling somewhat self-conscious with two dragons watching me so keenly. I quickly search for the best image to return to, and find one that takes me right to my rooms! Immediately upon my return I send a mental burst to William. I hear a groggy, ‘Huh?’
      ‘William, I’ve been back to Shiral!’
      ‘I accidentally transported to Shiral, and eight triads have passed there since we left!’
      ‘How did you do that – eight triads?!’
      ‘They need us, William. We need to set up a provisional government, something to keep them functioning during our absences.’
  • 21 hours ago
    Catherine Mahoney
    • What this reader gleans from this story that all actions of the individual characters interaction caused a chain reaction from abandonment, love, discovery, mysteries and challenges and confrontations to transformation a unity of the harmony of the universe through magic, song and courage, battles and dragons, crystals and so much more. Plus this book has many elements of scientific theories in and fantasy mixed together which was stimulating to the reader. Looking forward to reading book two Providence.

    • This author has combined fantasy and science fiction to create a unique story. It begins in the main characters' highly magical homeworld, but they soon find themselves thrust into a new existence - one of science and extremely advanced technology, where the use of 'magic' is considered highly suspicious. It is also a realm of extremely dangerous intrigue.

      The main characters, brother and sister, are on their own. Tagged as members of an unusual offshoot of the imperial family, no one claims to be their parents or even to know who their parents may be.

      It is a dangerous world, and they - particularly the sister, Shi'ahn, proves skilled at getting into trouble. In an attempt to rescue a kidnapped relative, she first finds herself and others caught in a deadly trap, and upon escaping, they fall into a pitch black, stone dungeon. Her brother William tracks them down and returns her home in the most advanced ship in existence.

      Then what does Shi'ahn do? She volunteers to return to Chaos - they realm she had been imprisoned in, to testify on the behalf of a woman who kidnapped yet another member of the Imperial family! And THAT is when the real trouble begins.



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