Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Míle Fáilte: The Goodreads Ireland Group Writing Challenge 2013 [Kindle Edition]

Míle Fáilte: The Goodreads Ireland Group Writing Challenge 2013 [Kindle Edition]

There are days when life seems dispiriting and you need something, someone to put you back on track. This fine weekend I was in one of those moods. An avid reader, I surfed for a stimulating book to read. To have a focus to escape for awhile from my issues. Well, I found a delightful zany, yet scary, collection written by the Goodreads Ireland group. Monitored by Declan and his wonderful witty fans. They meet on to pick and discuss a variety of books, films and authors, at an on-line Internet book club. 

This group decided to do a charitable promotion to help others. They created a surreal and witty book of Irish humor. The collection of stories ranged from the spooky to the hilarious, yet soul touching of one's home roots. As a USA reader I enjoyed the collection as it was written with down to earth authoring and creativity to span many emotions. Gasps, oh's and ah's to wow. Really wow as the Irish humor taunted my spirit and brought a smile to my lips. The stories of the mysteries, Time Traveller to poetic and back to haunting, kept this reader compelled to read each story and reread them again.

The contributors noted it is in the draft, it's natural form. Which to me was endearing, as the reader could feel the writers' expression come through each page and weave themselves into the reader's thoughts.

Also this collection is for a worthy cause, a literacy charity close to every reader, parent or compassionate individual' s heart. I highly recommend this book to all looking for surreal Irish humor. That will make you gasp, cry one moment and laugh the next.

See for yourself, preview the Amazon link and enjoy the Irish hospitality right from your e reader. You will not be disappointed. Four stars for meeting this reader' s longings and distracting my mind for a pleasant recharge.

 You can find the book on, where the price will be displayed in dollars US...

And, where it will be displayed in pounds...

If you can, please share this book with your friends and family and hopefully we can raise a nice sum of money for adult literacy in Ireland.

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