Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Frank A. Ruffolo,What's Happening, Welcome to our Minute Show with Frank A. Ruffolo on-lin


The link above was to What's Happening, Welcome to our Minute Show with Frank A. Ruffol on-line here on the event page. Host by Shah Fazli 


Frank A. Ruffolo, Thank you so much for taking part in our What's happening? news event, you are now a grandfather, you have even bought a new car for your wife, and you have served your country as a soldier, what else is there that you would like to achieve in your life, or you wanted to achieve in the past, do you regret anything in life?

If you missed this morning interview  April 23rd,  with the Amazing Frank Ruffolo, author, go to the link above, and see more comments regarding this very interesting and knowledgeable author. 

  • Frank A. Ruffolo I am a novelist of fiction I have two novels released on amazon and barnes and noble. www.frankaruffolo.com is my website which will give you an overview. "Trihedral of Chaos" is an action adventure love story about terror attacks here in the U.S. (very topical). "Gabriel's Chalice" is a faith based apocalyptic sci fi based on the new testament Luke 21:11. I am currently writing a murder mystery and a sequel to "Gabriel's Chalice".

    Frank A. Ruffolo author of Gabriel's Chalice, Trihedral of Chaos Series (The Crescent Star, The Falcon's Canticle and Yellowcake)

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