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Update; this is the replay Talk Radio Blog, link for Thursday, March 28th, 2013
Stephen L. Wilson, producer of Angels Cried Anthology is inviting friends, readers and the public to an weekend event, on Facebook,

Tribute to Sandy Hook Victims - Jen Baker
Memories of My Teachers - Crystal Schall
Whisper Dance - Michael Bailey
Field of Grace - Allison Bruning
Angels Were Sent - Stephen L. Wilson
The Butterfly’s Dance - T. J. Edison
Snow Angels - Rachel E. Kovacs
Traveler - George S. Geisinger
Hidden Memory - Matthew Christopher Nelson
An Angel’s Point of View - Katherine Rochholz
The Seal - Zantippy Skiphop
Our Silence - Charlie Giardino
A Light in the Closet - Michael Bailey
Here Is My Shoulder – Lean On - Daron Smith
Shining Light - Gretchen Steen
An Unexpected Christmas Letter - Reyna Hawk and L K Russ
For Christmas, I Made My Mother Cry - Guy Anthony De Marco
Out of the Darkness: We Are Not Alone - Julian Brooklyn
Steampunk - Kit Roe
Snow Covered Fields - Eri Nelson
I Thought I Saw You - Tami Kidd Masincupp
In that Other life - Marianne Halbert
Soccer With the Birds, Part 1 - John Kovacich
Reborn - Don Martin
Soccer With the Birds, Part 2 - John Kovacich
20 Children - Paul Morrison
Heroes - Cyma Rizwaan Khan
Wake up world - Christena Antonia Valaire Williams
Christmas - Don Martin
Lyssa’s New Friend - Guy Anthony De Marco
Beloved Little Ones - Lisa Williamson
Soul Angel - Katherine Rochholz
Through Two Unblackened Eyes - Linda Bonney Olin
Can’t You See? - Melisha N. Murray
We Cry - Charlie Giardino
The Cries of the Shackled - Moses Opara
Walk - George S. Geisinger
The Dot on a White Paper - Roseville Nidea
We Did Not Die In Vain - Catherine Mahoney
Ambush Conversation With God - Elizabeth E. Castillo
In the Garden - Sara St. Claire
In School of Angels - Zrinka Jelic
Canadian Memories - Alan Place
Their Only Cares - Meghan Arcuri
Do Not Cry for Me - Crystal Schall
DracoDreaming - Alan Place
To Those Little Angels At Connecticut - Ency Bearis
Illustrated Prayer - IMAGE - Brien Sparling

These names above are the authors and contributors of the Angels Cried Anthology.   A soulful searing inspiration gift.

I am as I know Stephen L. Wilson are honour that Elaine Roco Chase has invited us two contributors and Stephen the creator from the 40 authors of Angels Cried,  whom added their special poetry or story of the Angels Cried Anthology book on her Blog Talk Radio Show –  March 28th, 2013 starting time 8 pm eastern USA, along with her other unique guests. It will be an spicy and entertaining time for all to listen and enjoy.

I woke up in a miffed mood, as this topic of the anthology is sensitive and alot of people have criticized Stephen and the Indies In Action for promoting this anthology. With the complaints of it is time to move on, respect the departed and so on. Even an Indie community banned me as a psychic vampire and blocked me from their sites, tearing my heart out for believing in the impossible, closing one door, to open another. One believes in their own faith and their own God, my spirituality told me not to retired my site out of discouragement, but to continue on and promoting the angels and their memories through this masterpiece and acts of kindness.  It is like the Holy Bible or your favorite inspirational book that you keep close to you on the bed stand. I was gifted a Smashwords copy, and reading the print view with no distractions, I can see why Stephen selected the thread of poetry and stories to go in the order.  They are each one is inspirational on it own but as a community, it is complete unity. Supernatural or not, this anthology was meant to continue forth.

As the IIA Indies in Action group promoted the anthology so many miracles occurred, we meet wonderful compassionate authors and artists, creativity was born. An international poets and poetesses group was born and they will have a place to come home to and express their thoughts, poetry and wisdom on a merge Facebook site, MTMC2-Indies in Actions International Expressions, It is opening a portal to the East meets the West, or the West meets the East, but it is unity and we come together to remember all the victims of the brutal senseless crimes, the Sandy Hook Angels to the China Children taken to early and all the other violent crimes of gun shootings and others, through literature. We are able to support the survivors and all affected by this tragedy  and continue to bring the Phoenix back from the Ashes, as Artist Matthew C. Nelson saw the writing on the wall and created the beautiful portrait for the International page. The Phoenix rises from the grief, to bring light to the darkness.

Also on this journey for me , as I believe all involved in this soulful searing masterpiece, from all the wonderful authors, artists, supporters, Like Shah Fazli of Spotlight who interview many of the authors, and brought us together as a family, to the radio bloggers who supported us, like Elaine Roco Chase,  Stephen L. Wilson and IIA family, Artist Matthew C. Nelson Lee Ann Griff-Vinson, Siggy Buckley,Tricia Drammeh, January Valentine, Alan Cooke,  Wild Irish Poet, and Karli Rush, Stephen Hise of Indies Unlimited, my mentor Marie Seltenrych, the bloggers and so many others, with your ear you listened as I vent too, and  rambled. The bloggers you accepted us unconditionally with no motives or discouragement  you give us strength to continue the journey to shine the departeds' light and let them live in our minds, hearts, and souls.

It is time for unity and this gift, caring  as well as love is the answer. I heard a sad story, a 4 year old child abandoned in a 4 unit apartment housing complex, to become ...
dehydrated,and emaciated starving,  too small or weak to open the full refrigerator or call out for help, for almost 4 days when his mother died of natural causes, so sad, he was rescued, but it brings home a poignant highlight, it is time to stop thinking or what is it in it for one and go back to the days when we said hello to each other, and cared enough to help one another to spread kindness. My dream would be  the first community should be the Indie Community, through promotion and literature and then the world. As their are the advocates of the silent majority. 

I could continue on, there are so many behind the scenes that ignited the flame, and as closure but to remember the angels, I would like to see this anthology live in other minds, hearts and souls, please think about it, it is a supernatural message and there are so many messages written in one little package. $11.99 for a hard copy is not alot of money to donated or the $5.99 for the ebook, as as proceeds are donated to the United Way of the School Fund. As a offering for the High Holiday, I had contribute to created a paid Facebook promotion on my ebook site,, and all who comment, and buy show your care and kindness will light a candle in memory of all children, adults of the departed of Sandy Hook.  Sending our thoughts out to the universe and higher if be , that we still believe and heard your words, and will continue to shout and raise our voices to stop the violence.

A Whisper came to me three years ago, to open the site, Message to my Children page, now I think I understand why.

Angels Cried can be purchased at

Continue on Better News:

On March 28th, 8 pm with Author Elaine Roco, who writes delightful stories too, Best laid Plans, was the lastest I read, highly recommend it.

Eastern time  on These are the honour guests on –

Eva Marie Paulliere –  ... two will call into the show at 7:55 PM Eastern...– We will talk about: Asuka and One Woman and Two Stories Series

Janice Ballenger –   will call into the show at 8:25 PM EDT time…we will talk about Addicted to Life & Death: Memoirs of an EMT and Deputy Coroner and your unique fascinating life and the Amish school tragedy

Sue Senden –    will call into the show at 9:00 PM EDT (which is your 8PM Central time)  we will talk about your life as a forensic artist and Clara's Wish, Red Oak and Montgomery County IA

Mani Feniger –  will call into the show at 9:30 PM EDT and we will talk about The Woman in the Photograph which I see is climbing the charts on Amazon

Phyllis Zimbler Miller –will call into the show at 10 PM Eastern (which is your 7 PM PDT) and we will talk about Mrs. LT & Molly Sanders

Editor Stephen L. Wilson & Catherine Mahoney- call into the show at 10:30

EASTERN  we will talk about Angels Cried  :  On 12/14/12, tragedy struck. Authors and artists combined, so that their expressions of emotion could be put to good use. Contributors from around the world came together and we shared our souls for charity. Our effort has combined to create the anthology "Angels Cried." The proceeds of this eBook go to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund, managed by the United Way.  And how this all came together until the close of the show 10:50 PM Eastern time….

This was my contribution to the anthology and I wanted to thank Stephen L. Wilson  for accepting it.

We Did Not Die In Vain

Catherine Mahoney - New York, USA

We are the messengers, your children, mothers, and fathers.
Brothers and sisters, grandparents and loved ones we came to share our short lives with you.
Be the light on the Earthly realm, to love you and loved by our dear ones.
Yet, as destined children given the most vital assignment from the Most High above.
We are the messengers to raise conscious awareness that the violence needs to stop.
For all that forget our names and go on with your days, as we did not exist, are of the hardened of the heart.
For all that, shed tears and speak of changing the laws, you are the head in the sand majority.
For all that, believe in us, the powerful masters and leaders of peace in our world pick up your pen, type on your computer, raise your voice, and carry our names into the light.
Let us and our loved ones know we did not die in vain.
We fought against evil, now we ask that humanity hear our message.
Stop the violence. Take care of the broken, lost, and evil children.
Bring us back to life.
Let our names be the flame that will snuff out the violence of evil.
We love you and we will once again be together in a blink of eye.
Until then, make us proud, whisper, and shout our names.
For we did not die in vain, we continue as messengers of the Most High.
Hear our message, act to Stop Evil, and know we are the light and we love you. Love the Children of the Most High

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  1. Cat, you are a true help and inspiration, and have been from the beginning of this project. Thank you for your dedication, and for capturing the essence of Angels Cried in your blog.