Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day 24 BlogFlash (Friday 5 minutes Flash)

In to the Woods

8:15 and this is to be written in five minutes.

I love the woods there is so much mystery in the hidden burrows and beneath all the foliage, so many wild animals and critters live in the trees, the logs and all hidden spots invisible from the human eye. I stand silently and listened to the sounds, the chirping of the birds, the crackling of the small animals scurried around. Wait I see out of the corner of my eye a bunny rabbit, then I turned and there is a mother deer feeding her young, it is an awesome sight.

The mother with her big brown doe eyes looks at me with fear and suspicion she is judging if I am a friend or foe. Thinking should she run and hide or stand her ground and let her babies enjoy the solitude except for me the stranger in her territory. A silent communication develops between us, I slowly move back to show her that she can trust me and I trust her coming to the agreement she and I could get along and  live in peace with each other, respecting each other boundaries , and in our own way go on to cherished the mysteries of life in the woods.

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