Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Piece of My Heart by Ramon Ballard

"I wish you happiness, may you never sing the blues. I hope your dreams do nothing but come true. And may you have success in everything you do. I wish you rainbows and comfort through the night. Through the years may any decisions you make be right. I wish you peace  and sunshine from above.  I wish you happiness, but mostly I wish you love."

These haunting words of a poem is one of many from A Piece of My Heart by Ramon Ballard
This beautiful poem of sentimental language is a touching piece.  It is one of the many that is written in a short precious gem published by Ramon Ballard.  There are times when a reader opens a book and it meets the soul’s thirst and satisfied it’s nourishment, this one is like that for this reader.  I am not over stating, I am just being honest.  

There are days when the sunshine cannot be found, you look high and low and the darkness seems to coming closer and suffocating you, then a lovely surprise comes your way such as this and other masterpieces written by a deep, knowledgeable author who has unlock the secrets of the heart to touch one's soul, be it with words of comfort, sorrow or joy

What I have review of this book, the poetic style gem is a keepsake and should be used as a  reminder that hearts can be broken but then again can be healed.  As this author expresses on Facebook, blogs, “life no matter what obstacle one faces, one should cherished everything and live to the fullest. 

I have plan to review the others works by this author, there is a tale of a bargain with the devil, in Going, Gone, Souled, which seems to be entertaining. 

The Last Chance is a historical fiction that follows the life of 115 year old Horace Chance from a barren stretch of dunes in North Carolina, where he meets a couple bicycle shop owners from Ohio that teach him all about flight, right on through to his 2008 presidential election

In the author's description:

"Momnapped explores the powerful relationship between Sara and her mother stretched to its limits when Sara moves heaven and earth to rescue her mother from her captors. In the course of her adventure, she finds courage and strengths she did not know she possessed. She needs all the help she can muster in order to conquer her fears, and battle’ unspeakable evil, including her own twisted aunts. None of them took into account how a daughter's love would undermine their plot."

I was a very lucky 10,000 fan on the blog and was honor to receive these books as gifts.  I been stalking this author, lol because I sensed the sense of humor, creativity and talent screaming to let the muse loose and what I am reviewing this week and will have the pleasure to expand on, I believe I was correct.  I would express I have received a Christmas present in the middle of May and will be expanding reviews on this author's works in this coming week.

This is the author Amazon Link: and blog link will be following: 


  1. Thank you I was honour to be the 10,000 visitor of your informative, thinking and sharing blog and have the opportunity to check out new reading works, which all touch the heart in one way or another. Happy Sunday and Solar Eclipse Day.